How to check your children on Facebook without intrusion

How to check your children on Facebook without intrusion

Very young people often make poor use of social networks. Here are the suggestions to keep them under control and have the situation under control, but with discretion

Social networks are now a source of interaction to which almost nobody escapes, including very young people. Indeed, they are the ones who make the greatest use of it, and sometimes not too careful. This is mainly true for Facebook, which although it is now a daily reality that facilitates communication, can conceal some pitfalls if used in a reckless manner. Therefore, it is necessary to check the use made by our children, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Watch out for friendships
If you are on your child's list of Facebook contacts, you should take a look at his friendships: do you notice the presence of unknown adults? Or of strangers in general? See what kind of interaction exists between them and your child or if they exchange inappropriate comments, and if so, don't hesitate to ask for explanations, obviously not showing aggression.

If you don't ask for friendship
Often, children do not want parents among their Facebook friends because they feel spied on. In this case, to check their activity on the social network you could use, if you share the same computer, software for parental control, which keeps track of users' movements. Or, if your child accesses Facebook from another device, you can resort to sites that send you notifications informing you of what is public. Among these, the most famous are GoGoStat and MinorMonitor.

Check yes, but not in an intrusive manner
Don't forget one fundamental thing: it is right to be careful about the use your child makes of social networks to avoid unpleasant mishaps, but remember that he too has the right to his privacy. So, check with discretion and only if necessary, and remember that the key to understanding children is dialogue.

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