How to choose the perfect summer 2020 perfume that's right for us

How to choose the perfect summer 2020 perfume that's right for us

Fruity, floral, citrus, flowery but also intense, woody: the scents of summer 2020 are thus chosen

The perfume is like an accessory, it dresses you and completes any look, adapting to mood, time and seasons. And, just like the change of the wardrobe, every summer here you are also preparing for the change of fragrance to wear. The perfume then has a whole sphere of sensations related to the emotional plane, because each of them or various combinations can arouse sensations that do not try others, just as the same smell can be pleasant or unpleasant. It has the ability, then, to bind to memories, places, moments of life, periods and even certain episodes.

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The scents for summer 2020, in addition to the personal component that plays a key role, are surrounded by cheerful, lively and colorful notes. We find fruity fragrances, with a prevalence of pear, fig, sour red fruits, mandarin, bergamot and citrus fruits in general, strawberry and raspberry.

Another great trend is represented by fresh and marine notes, slightly salty and herbaceous, sparkling and slightly pungent. Obviously, there are also floral fragrances, with the rose in the head declined in all its shades, followed by jasmine, vanilla but also musk. And even though winter is usually the season characterized by warmer, intense and amber scents, even for summer fragrances there is no lack of incense and woods, which make everything more interesting and sensual.

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How to choose the perfume that best suits your personality?

We fall in love with a perfume. We try, hold on for a while and understand that he is the one who chose us. Yes, because the PH and the skin play a fundamental role, going to make certain notes prevail over others, going to combine and mix with the smell of our skin. Try it on the hollow of your elbow and wait a few hours, so that it releases all its fragrance and has time to open and shape.

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But also choose what type of perfume to buy based on how much you love to feel it on the skin: eau de parfum, de toilette, body mist and perfumed waters, body creams or perfumes for hair. The eau de parfum is the most intense and lasting, present and persistent, while the eau de toilette is a middle ground (be careful because often the same perfume changes radically between eau de parfum and eau de toilette) with scented water , fresh, delicate and light, not very intrusive but much more volatile. An excellent alternative are perfumed body creams, which give a pleasant, unobtrusive fragrance or solid perfumes, perfect for travel. Another great summer must, then, are the perfumes for hair, perfect especially for those with porous hair, but above all useful for refreshing hair that is not really fresh.

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