How to choose the right bob cut for you

How to choose the right bob cut for you

The bob cut has always been one of the most versatile and loved by women: here's how to choose the perfect length for each face

Emblem of modernity and independence, the bob haircut has been the most loved by women for more than a hundred years. It was the French hairdresser Antoine who gave life to this revolutionary cut in 1909, breaking the tradition that strictly required women with a long haircut. It was only in the 1920s, however, that the helmet became a real must, a symbol of independence, rebellion and elegance.

Even now, this haircut continues to be one of the favorite looks of women, not only for its practicality and elegance, but also because its many variations make it adaptable to any face shape. Like any cut, even the bob must be carefully studied to be a perfect frame for the face. Find out below the different versions of the helmet and how to choose the one that suits you best.


  • How to choose the right bob cut for you
  • Short bob cut
  • Long bob
  • Scaled helmet

How to choose the right bob cut for you

The ability of the helmet to reinvent itself in hundreds of different versions has made it one of the most popular and appreciated cuts of all time by women of all ages and from all walks of life. Hollywood stars, famous singers and style icons, from the 1920s to the present day, have sported this iconic and timeless haircut with great class and charm. Although there are really many versions of the bob hair, there are however three main variants in which we could divide this cut:

  • Short bob, or chin bob, in which the hair is cut at the height of the ears or equal to the chin;
  • Long bob, long bob, where the hair reaches the shoulders;
  • Scaled bob, or shag bob, short in the back and long in the front.

When choosing the length of the helmet, it is important to carefully evaluate both the shape and the facial features, to best enhance its strengths and mitigate defects. Furthermore, it is also essential to keep in mind the structure of the hair: those with fine hair, for example, can opt for the scaled version of the bob, in order to add volume to the hair, while if you have wavy hair tending to frizz it is absolutely to avoid a short bob, which would become unmanageable. Let's see in detail how to choose the most suitable bob cut for your type of face and hair.

Short bob cut

Short bob cut

The short bob by Dua Lipa @ Shutterstock

The first bob hair worn by women, also called Bob cut or bobbed cut, was strictly very short. To popularize this haircut were two icons of the first two decades of the '900: the splendid actress and dancer Louise Brooks, who made it a distinctive sign of her look, and the enchanting dancer Irene Castle, among the first to opt for this cut, which launched a real fashion with his helmet called "Castle Bob". The bob sported by Brooks, short to the ears, black, very smooth and with a fringe to frame the face, has become the archetype of the femme fatale, inspiring several world-famous artists and stylists.

The very short helmet of the Castle, on the other hand, sweeter and more jaunty, worn with the waves, became very popular among girls and ladies who wanted to emulate it at all costs. Even today, the short bob continues to be popular with stars and influencers. Famous singer Dua Lipa, for example, converted to this cut as early as 2018 and has sported several variations of the bob ever since, playing on both length and styling. This type of cut is perfect for women who want to completely revolutionize their look and highlight the cheekbones, but unfortunately it is not suitable for everyone, with some tricks, however, it can be adaptable to any face shape. So how to choose the bob that best suits your face shape?

The short and even bob is the ideal cut for those with an oval face shape. Round faces who do not want to give up a short bob can instead opt for a slightly more parade version of the bob on the front. For rectangular faces it is preferable to concentrate the volume of the bob on the cheekbones, so as to highlight them, while for the triangular-shaped face it is better to opt for a short bob with fringe, perhaps with a wavy styling. A square face, on the other hand, can be highlighted by a wavy bob on the tips, to give volume to the cheekbones.

Although short, the bob is a versatile cut, but also easy and practical to manage: not only does it allow you to dry your hair quickly and easily, but it can also be customized by simply changing the line. As previously mentioned, however, it is not an ideal cut for those with wavy and frizzy hair because it would require a lot of extra care. Furthermore, before making a clean cut and showing off a dreamy short bob, there is another factor to keep in mind: although it is a cut that gives personality, you must definitely have a strong character to wear it with ease!

Long bob

Long bob

Kim Kardashian's long bob @Shutterstock

The long bob is a perfect hairstyle for those who do not want to drastically change their look, totally giving up the flowing hair. Many women, in fact, opt for this cut when it comes time to cut the tips damaged by hair dryers, plates or bleaches. Fortunately, this type of cut, with hair that almost touches the shoulders, is good for all types of face and can be worn in many ways: smooth, curly, wavy, asymmetrical, scaled, with or without fringe, just choose the version you prefer. Obviously, however, even in this case some precautions must be taken to enhance the cut to the maximum and have a perfect look. For each face shape its own version of long bob! For heart or diamond face shapes, the long bob is the perfect cut par excellence as it perfectly frames the face and is able to bring out all its qualities.

For round and square faces, however, the wavy version of this cut is recommended, in order to remove the features of the cheekbones and chin area. For those who have an elongated face or a triangular or rectangular shape, a medium-short long bob is recommended, pulled along the lengths. The long bob with fringe is instead ideal for faces with irregular somatic features or with an oval shape: curtain for a more romantic look, even for a more decisive style. The greatest advantage of this cut is that it allows full freedom in terms of styling, allowing you to create different hairstyles depending on the occasion. With this cut it is precisely the styling that makes the difference and this makes the long bob ideal for those who want a short cut but cannot really give up the freedom to play with different styles and looks.

Scaled helmet

Scaled helmet

Emma Stone's scaled bob @Shutterstock

The shag bob, that is the scaled bob hair, is perhaps the most modern and cheeky variant of this iconic cut. The look became popular thanks to stars such as Victoria Beckam, who wore it in the short version and asymmetrical on the sides, and Jennifer Aniston who launched a real fashion with her "Rachel" bob, very voluminous at the roots and paraded on the lengths. But when to opt for a scaled bob? The scaled version of the helmet is ideal especially for curls because it allows you to lighten the curls and create volume giving a rebel look.

The shag bob is also recommended for those with round or square facial features, to lengthen the face, removing the chin-cheekbones area, and highlight it. The long and scaled version of the bob is also perfect for those with a more shapely silhouette, as with a short bob, which leaves a space between the hair and the shoulders, you run the risk of making the physique appear larger and visually shorten it. . Apart from these small tricks, the scaled helmet is good for everyone and leaves a lot of room for imagination. In addition, it is perfect as a “transition cut”, to go from a short bob to a long one.

The layered cut is very easy to manage, as long as the scaling is maintained over time, and allows you to easily switch from a well-groomed look to a “fake disheveled” one which, combined with elegant clothing, can create very interesting contrasts. Among the trends of the moment there is the scaled bob with fringe that softens the facial features, a perfect look to show off for the winter. As we have seen, there are so many possibilities that the bob haircut offers, which makes it adaptable to practically all hair types and all face shapes. Its versatility makes it an always trendy cut, capable of reinventing itself and always being on the cutting edge.

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