How to choose the right eye contour cream for you

How to choose the right eye contour cream for you

The area around the eyes should never be neglected because imperfections are at risk from a young age

The area around the eyes is critical for every woman, at any age. In the periocular part, in fact, the skin is thinner, less rich in sebaceous glands and less perfused with blood vessels, for this reason, not only is it the first to be affected by the signs of aging, but it can also manifest problems at a young age such as puffiness or dark marks.

The reasons can be many, from the lack of adequate rest – too few hours of sleep or disturbed sleep – to excessive use of electronic devices whose light causes an increase in the frequency of involuntary lashes, but also a few drinks of too much and the insufficient intake of liquids that does not contrast the stagnation that creates the much hated "bags".

In addition to putting into practice the advice of the experts – sleeping at least seven or eight hours a night, drinking plenty of water and herbal teas, taking plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, not smoking and moderating alcohol – it's a good habit to apply every night a good specific cream around the eyes, starting already in youth.

How to choose the most suitable eye cream? Starting from your particular needs. If the blemish you want to correct is that of dark circles, know that they are caused by poor blood and lymphatic circulation. Choose a cream that has caffeine among its ingredients, which reactivates the microcirculation, or the horse chestnut extract.

Do you wake up with the face marred by the bags under your eyes? What you need to do is drain the skin and restore tone and radiance to the look. To do this, creams with roll-on applicator are very useful, as they also perform a healthy massage, toning the periocular area and increasing oxygenation.

If, instead, you have to deal with the first signs of the passage of time, choose a good anti-aging cream rich in antioxidants, retinol and hyaluronic acid without delay. Remember to apply the cream in the right way, after having thoroughly cleansed the skin and applied the tonic. Gently tap a small amount using your fingertips and proceed first from the root of the nose to the temples and then along the line of the eyebrows. This light massage allows the cream to penetrate deeply and reactivates the circulation, therefore a better oxygenation of the skin, a prerequisite for a more toned and radiant face.

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