How to choose the right pants for your body?

How to choose the right pants for your body?

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You are not fat when you look in the mirror and your trousers are hurting: pants are not suited to the shape of your body. Knowing how to choose the right pants is an art to learn to enhance your look and look more beautiful.

How to choose pants: abundant thighs
The best cut to choose is the flared, slightly flared: it will best hide this defect, concentrating the focus of the eye on the lower part of the leg.

How to choose pants: short legs
Take advantage of the laws of optical illusion and stretch them with high-waisted trousers, to give the idea that the legs start earlier and are longer. Instead, avoid low-waisted trousers, which would shorten the length of the legs further.

How to choose trousers: narrow waist and big hips
Avoid the tight cigarette trousers, which would make you look fat. Better a softer and never close-fitting cut.

How to choose trousers: physical curves
The ideal is a bootcut model, flared below the knee.

How to choose pants: thin and long legs
In this case you can afford everything: from the baggy to the skinny model, passing through the bootcut or cigarette model.

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