How to choose the sun most suitable for every occasion and for every type of skin?

How to choose the sun most suitable for every occasion and for every type of skin?

There are many sunscreens and we often buy them in a somewhat random way, instead there are so many different formulas, for every need. Let's find out!

Protecting the skin in the summer is very important, even more than during the other seasons, because the sun's rays are stronger, direct and we expose ourselves for more hours during the day. Using the right sun is essential, because not only incorrect sun exposure can lead to very serious consequences, such as tumors and skin diseases, but also because UVA and UVB rays are the main culprits of premature skin aging.

If you want to stop the rush to free radicals, to keep your skin young, strong, elastic and beautiful, you don't have to give up sunbathing, just expose yourself with adequate sun protection and there are now all types, for all skin types, needs and of many different textures, many enriched with principles that help the tan and that act like a real treatment. Let's find out about the solar Must Have for this summer!

The solar city, to be protected but not burdened

In the city we tend not to use sun protection because we think we are not sunbathing. Our skin, on the other hand, is constantly attacked by sunlight even as we walk and it is important to use a sunscreen even if we are not on vacation yet. Often the textures of normal sunscreens are pasty or full-bodied and the idea of ​​applying another product over our usual cream and before makeup does not tempt us. It is enough, however, to choose a solar specific for the city, such as the Shiseido Urban Environnement UV Protection, with SPF 50, with a double defensive action against the sun's rays but also against pollution and harmful environmental agents. The texture is very light, does not feel on the face and contains moisturizing amino acids without being comedogenic, suitable even before makeup.

Source: Shiseido

The solar face for mixed and oily skin, which will not make you shine

The problem of the sun cream that afflicts those with mixed or oily skin lies in the fact that full-bodied and creamy textures tend to polish the skin even earlier and at the touch make it greasy and slippery. However, there are specific sunscreens, with gel formulations such as Anthelios XL Anti-Lucidity Dry Gel Cream by La Roche Posay, with SPF 50 (remember to never go under the protection 30 for facial skin) also suitable for the city because it is light and with anti-pollution active ingredients. Non-comedogenic, it gives a mattifying effect to combination and oily skin, protecting it and is also suitable for sensitive skin with solar intolerances.

Source: La Roche Posay

The anti-age face cream, the two in one to protect and treat the skin and the signs of expression

There are many sunscreens that have an anti-aging effect, which protect the skin from exposure to the sun and free radicals, as well as from premature photo-aging. They are enriched with special anti-aging ingredients that act as a treatment as well as protecting the skin. The Anti-age Solar Treatment with SPF 50 by Avène, contains the famous thermal water, which makes it a solar suitable also for sensitive skin because it is soothing and anti-irritant but also specific active and pre-tocopheryl, a powerful anti-oxidant.

Source: Avène

Slim down while tanning? It is possible with the latest generation solar

While we expose ourselves to the sun why not add a slimming and anti-cellulite treatment? So we treat the skin on two fronts in a single moment, without even realizing it. As with Collistar SPF 15 Smart Slimming Tanning Cream, which, thanks to a cocktail of caffeine, carnitine and algae, stimulates thermogenesis to help burn excess fat, an effect enhanced by the heat emitted by the sun's rays. Moreover, in addition to protecting and streamlining, it contains an active ingredient that accelerates tanning and intensifies the formation of melanin. A three in one treatment to try!

Source: Collistar

For those who really can't stand to spread the sun protection, the greasy effect and the sand that sticks on the whole body

Then there are a whole series of solar sprays perfect for those who can't stand spreading cream to avoid getting their hands dirty, because they think that many creams still have too heavy a consistency, or because the sand flies and sticks on all sides. There are really a lot of tipoligie, mostly they are fluid moisturizing milks with a very light texture, you spray and spread the product quickly to be protected. This year however, Garnier Ambre Solaire is launching a beautiful revolution in terms of solar sprays with its UV Water, a real hydrating water enriched with aloe vera extract, refreshing and protective thanks to a 30 or 50 protection factor.

Source: Garnier Ambre Solaire

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