How to choose water and how much to drink to purify the liver

How to choose water and how much to drink to purify the liver

Let's find out how to choose water, but above all how much to drink to purify the liver and feel good

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Water is essential for our well-being, because it helps us purify the body and stay in shape.

The human body is composed of 60-70% water, so it is no coincidence that this substance is essential for our survival. In fact, through the water our body is able to expel waste and harmful substances, improving the function of kidneys and liver. However, the waters are not all the same and to choose the best one it is essential to study the label carefully. On the latter, in fact, all the information we need to find the water that suits us is indicated.

The first index to check is the fixed residual. This parameter is indicated in mg / l and is equal to the quantity of inorganic minerals found in a liter of water. In essence, this is the dry residue that remains after evaporation at 180 ° C. According to experts it should always be less than 30 mg / l.

The pH is instead a magnetic value that indicates the degree of acidity / basicity of the water. Its determination is very important, this because over the years the human body tends to age, through an oxidation process. To slow it down it is important to drink water with a pH value between 6.4 and 6.8.

Few know this, but we also take oxygen through water. When we drink it passes through the walls of the stomach and improves the venous blood that feeds the liver. For this reason the oxygen content should be equal to or greater than 7 mg / l, ideal for contributing to a good functioning of the organ.

On the contrary, the nitrate content should be low (the maximum allowed value is 5.0 mg per liter) to avoid the risk of nitrosamine formation in vivo in the body. Do not forget also to carefully evaluate two other factors: the location of the source and the expiry date. The best water is undoubtedly that of high mountains, a guarantee of purity from environmental and chemical pollution. Also try to prefer glass bottles, because they guarantee better inalterability over time and perfect hygienic storage.

How much drink? There are no limits, since water is always good. Try to consume at least two liters a day, especially between meals to avoid diluting the gastric juices too much.

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