How to choose your next cosmetic?

The entrance of a beauty store it is the door to a colorful, fragrant, but often complicated world. From the packaging to the ingredients, from the active ingredients to the brand, the choice of a cream suitable, effective serum or cosmetic product it can be very complex.

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The next time you enter a beauty shop, don’t get confused by brands and perfumes: here is a small guide to help you consciously choose your next cosmetic.

Tell me what skin you have and I’ll tell you who you are

Be aware of your skin type is the ABC in the world of cosmetics. Identifying the pH and specific characteristics of the skin can defend you from the wrong purchases, from cosmetics that could risk accentuating already evident defects.

For example, an oil-rich or very nourishing cream could make one worse off oily scalp; likewise, a particularly sensitive skin it risks redness if subjected to peeling, products containing alcohol or aggressive detergents.

Not sure what features your skin has? For starters, it’s always good consult a dermatologist or a specialist.

Check the ingredients

If cosmetics had a business card, it would undoubtedly be thelabel. The list of ingredients and the specific quantities of each active allow to know the characteristics and warnings of the product, guiding the consumer towards one wise and conscious choice.

The application of a clear and legible label, with indication INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) for each ingredient, is part of the legislation which involves all countries belonging to the EU.

The INCI is a useful tool for those who suffer from allergies: it allows you to easily identify the nomenclature of the ingredient, in order to avoid products that can irritate the skin.

Listen to your skin

Dry skin? You need a guide to deeply moisturize the skin. Too much sebum? You have to purify. Each zone and type of skin speaks to us, sends small signals which can help us identify the problem e find a solution.

It is good to clarify that not all the skin surface reacts in the same way, especially the various areas of the face. The eye contour, for example, is very thin and needs to be treated with light creams and solutions, especially in the case of swelling. The T-zone is usually richer in sebum, so an excessively nourishing cream can accentuate the shiny effect.

Organic or not organic?

The great debate in recent years is about the effectiveness of Organic products. Deprived of parabens, silicones and aggressive substances, non-toxic and hypoallergenicthese products contain over half of natural ingredients and must respond to very strict controls to enter the trade.

The ingredients contained in organic products come together in a texture that lets the skin breathe and frees the pores. This feature makes them extremely effective for night application, but does not completely shield the skin during the day. Even in the case of organic products, it is always good to know the main active, inactive and natural active ingredients contained in the INCI, in order to find out about the properties of each and find the right cosmetic for your skin.