How to comb short hair: retro, bon ton or "gangstar"

How to comb short hair: retro, bon ton or "gangstar"

Three different effects to give a vintage, romantic or punk style to the length of the moment, more and more fashionable even among the stars of Italian and international showbiz

Short hair, the cuts of the stars

Most women prefer long hair, flowing hair is synonymous with femininity. But even among the stars this year the trend has shifted to the short cut. So how to comb short hair? It's very simple, just two moves and you will have completely opposite effects. With short hair you can actually indulge in totally changing looks.

How to comb short hair: wild effect, a little retro
-When you wash them, remember that even for short hair you need a balm to avoid frizz
-after having rubbed them with the towel (I recommend not touching them with your hand, you would make them frizzy) use a curly mousse, little and only in the tips
– while applying the mousse, gently shape the curls with your fingers
– head down and dry them with the diffuser
The effect may resemble that of Rachel Wood

How to comb your hair: good girl effect, but a bit naughty
– a few hours before washing massage the scalp and hair with a little argan oil and leave it for a few hours (it is very good for the hair and its shine, plus it is useful for our short hairstyle)
-If you don't have time to get an argan oil pack, use a fixative product
– Make the line to the side
– tips modeling them
– dry gently by placing the hair dryer not too close
The effect may resemble that of Michelle Williams.

How to comb your hair: a gangstar woman
– for the washing and the treatment the procedure listed above is valid for the good girl effect
– the only difference is that you have to comb them all back (a little '80s)

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