How to combat hair loss and which products to use

How to combat hair loss and which products to use

Hair loss is a problem that afflicts many women. The solutions to avoid this disorder are numerous and suitable for everyone: here is what they are

Many women now suffer frequently from bodied hair loss; this can happen due to a whole series of factors: it may be bad eating habits and the consequent lack of vitamins and minerals essential for hair growth and strengthening, or it may be due to factors such as a very chaotic and stressful life regime or even from the incorrect use of particularly aggressive products for the skin, or even to strong hormonal imbalances.

However, it must be acknowledged that even the frequent changes in temperature, humidity and smog that persistently suffocate especially the big cities characterized by intense traffic, can contribute to significantly weakening even the thickest and most resistant foliage. Read in this article all the possible causes of consistent hair loss, how to fight it and minimize damage and which products can help you strengthen hair bulbs and avoid the huge loss.

Hair loss: when it happens and causes the main cause

Although hair loss during seasonal changes is a natural and physiological event as it favors the natural change of hair, it can sometimes happen that the loss is so great that it begins to cause some concern. In fact, it is a phenomenon that should not be taken under one's feet as once damaged, it can be difficult to restore the hair to a state of well-being and health.

Hair loss in the fall

In general the hair cycle and its consequent growth are closely linked to the rhythm with which the seasons follow one another: when the sun is less strong, such as in the autumn months, the number of hair lost doubles very much, but do not worry, it is a natural process of the body to remove excess hair. The number of hair lost during this period varies from 50 to even losing 100 hairs a day. During spring instead, when the sun starts to get stronger and the scalp needs to be protected from UV rays that progressively increase with the approach of summer, the growth is much more conspicuous and consequently much less hair is lost. .

Causes of hair loss

But how to understand when it's time to start worrying about the huge hair loss? Even if there is no real scientific rule that applies to everyone, you can usually see if something is wrong if the daily loss becomes much more abundant than usual and lasts too long. It is worthwhile then to ask what the possible causes that have caused a similar stress to the hair follicles may have been. Even if the factors involved can be very many and even combine, we can make a short list of those that most often cause the increase in the fall and the consequent thinning.

  • Stress: as already mentioned previously, a particularly stressful and hectic lifestyle can contribute significantly to hair loss even outside the classic seasonal spare parts. This continual state of unrest leads to an excessive increase in testosterone levels, which in turn affect hair growth. Not to mention all those bad habits that result from this condition, such as taking junk foods due to anxiety, nervous tics and poor personal care due to lack of time.
  • Drastic diets: a sudden change in the diet leads our body to organic suffering which in turn can lead to a weakening of the hair. Furthermore, diets of this kind do not provide the body with the vitamins and nutrients necessary for the system to function properly; bearing in mind then that the hair is a non-essential fabric and therefore are the last to receive nutrients, it is understandable why an incorrect diet can cause significant thinning of the foliage;
  • Pregnancy: even if during the entire period of gestation the loss is practically zero thanks to the high level of estrogens that prolong the life cycle of the hair and make the hair beautiful, full-bodied and shiny, the period after birth radically changes the situation causing a certain hormonal decompensation. The reorganization of the hormones that leads to a decrease in estrogen results in a drastic hair loss which, taking place all at once, could cause some concern. This condition is abundantly observed in more than 50% of women and usually passes within six or twelve weeks of giving birth. Although hair treatments can be used to help restore normal balance, the advice is always not to overdo it, stay calm and wait for the body to regain its natural balance, especially in the case of breastfeeding.
  • Anemia: the lack of iron in turn deprives the body of red blood cells, which are essential for transporting oxygen throughout the body, including hair. The hair will therefore be less strong, more brittle and will fall off much more often. In these cases it is essential to perform a careful blood test and establish with your doctor an adequate diet and anemia treatment.
  • High temperature plates and hair dryers: although often considered among the best friends of women, the intensive use of hair dryers and styling plates is one of the most frequent causes of weakening and hair loss. Not only are the temperatures too high stressing the hair follicle, but they make the hair shaft weak and brittle to create a sort of vicious circle in which the use of plates and irons becomes inevitable to have a decent styling.
  • Stressed scalp: at least once in your life you have had to deal with dandruff. In fact, moments happen in life when the scalp, for one reason or another, is more stressed and begins to peel off. If the problem persists, however, it is also the hair that not only could not grow well, but even begin to fall. Although a good anti-dandruff shampoo is often sufficient to solve the dandruff problem, if it persists it is important to consult a specialized doctor to get a more specific diagnosis.

Supplements and natural remedies against hair loss

Now that we've examined some of the possible causes of hair loss, let's look at how we can help our hair grow stronger, healthier and stronger and avoid excessive loss as a result. Obviously for what concerns the internal health of the organism as hormonal problems or lack of the main nutrients the advice is always to contact a doctor. However, there are some easily available products with which we can help our hair remain thick and shiny.

Supplements to strengthen hair

When it comes to strengthening and encouraging the growth of hair, the first thing that comes to mind is to look for a solution in the pharmacy. In fact, many supplements are able to promote the growth and healthy balance of the hair. Among these, the best known is certainly the Bioscalin, which offers its customers a vast assortment of specific treatments according to the needs. In fact, there are many different lines for: widespread fall and thinning, seasonal fall for men and women, thinning and thinning hair for women 45+ and many others. Always talking about supplements, another very popular and effective product on the market is Swisse, specific for nails and hair. These two products have earned the trust of consumers, thanks to the excellent results provided after just a few weeks of use.

Hair loss products

There are also numerous other products that can be found on the shelves of shops and suppliers for hairdressers that are able to give your hair new strength and vitality. A series of products for example little known but very effective to strengthen the hair are the shampoo and vials based on vegetable placenta, perfect for an intensive treatment against hair loss. In the event you want some natural and organic products to avoid the danger of a thick hair you can use these products, easily available in herbal shops and online shops.

  • Castor oil: an excellent restructuring and strengthening agent for hair, able to promote growth. It is usually applied warm for a scalp compress accompanied by a light massage to promote blood circulation, at least 3-4 times a month if you have dry hair or 1-2 times a month on normal hair;
  • Coconut oil: another oil capable of fortifying the hair, can be used in combination with castor oil. In this way, not only will the restorative power of the pack increase, but the hair will also be washable more easily washable, as coconut oil is much lighter than the first.
  • Henna: for some years in Italy too the use of dyeing herbs has begun to take care of the health of one's hair. Generally when we think of henna comes to mind the classic dried grass that, by binding to the keratin of the hair, dyes tone on tone and strengthens the hair shaft. But there is also the so-called Cassia obovata, which although not dyeing hair is able to give more body to the hair and nourish the hair, thus preventing excessive loss.
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