How to combine lipstick and eye makeup: the guide to know

How to combine lipstick and eye makeup: the guide to know

In every face look from ten and praise can not miss lipstick and eyeshadow, but how to make them harmonious with each other and combine them perfectly? We will reveal it to you.

What are the rules for combining lipstick and eye makeup? How to make the combination of eyeshadow and lipstick harmonious? At least once in their lives all, absolutely all, have asked themselves this question, not only for fear of exaggerating but also to understand how to make everything fascinating and balanced overall.

How to combine lipstick and eye makeupFirst of all it is good to know, and remember every day, that in make-up the rules are meant to be broken. So if you love to experiment, exaggerate and try combinations of textures and colors: do it, nothing should stop you from having fun with make-up.

Obviously knowing the best combinations between eyeshadow and lipstick, red, nude, burgundy or whatever you like, is one of the basic notions to know and then create harmonious and true pro looks. We have tried to draw up a useful mini guide to understand and know how to combine lipstick and eye makeup.


  • Red lipstick
  • Nude lipstick
  • Burgundy lipstick
  • Texture and finish: how to combine them?

Red lipstick

A red lipstick certainly cannot be missing from your lipstick collection. A great evergreen to wear both day and night, it can, at times, create a bit of confusion about how to make up your eyes.

How to combine red lipstick and eye makeup

The basic rules of make-up invite you to balance the lips and eyes, so it would be better to opt for neutral shades and similar to the colors of the earth. Yes to smokey eyes where brown, beige and even black that enrich and frame the eyes making them magnetic and very elegant.

Obviously, eyeliner goes perfectly with red lipstick because it perfectly balances the intense color of the lips with a light and slightly hinted eye look. Yes to the classic black, to brown, but also to more intense and different colors such as ultramarine blue, green and everything you prefer.

Have you ever thought about a one-color eye look? In this case, remember that gold is a great ally and will allow you to play with different finishes such as metallic eyeshadow and matte lipstick. A combo not to be underestimated.

Nude lipstick

Choosing a nude lipstick, similar to the color of your lips, will allow you to have a real white canvas on which to work with blush, bronzer, highlighter and, of course, eye shadows.

How to combine nude lipstick and eye makeup

Nudes can be combined as you wish, yes to colors and finishes. Our advice, however, is to try to at least tune the undertone so that there is no warm and cold contrast between the eye and lip make-up.

Burgundy lipstick

Intense, vibrant and full of energy. Burgundy lipstick cannot be combined with red lipstick because undertones and shades change significantly.

If you love overwhelming and enveloping looks, combine burgundy with eye makeup with brown, black and gray eyeshadows. A make-up with a retro and bewitching flavor perfect for those who are not afraid of anything.

How to combine burgundy lipstick and eye makeup

Or, to be on the safe side, opt for a drop of hazel eyeshadow only in the crease of the eye in order to give depth to the look. Thus leaving the look neutral, but with a harmonious focus on the lips.

Then there are the colors on the eyes that, for the most daring and bold, are not to be missed even when the lips try to take over. Try to stay on soft and barely hinted shades, which change to pastel and light tones so as not to give up colors but without unbalancing the final make-up.

Texture and finish: how to combine them?

Sheer, matte, luster, shimmer, pearl and more: both eye shadows and lipsticks have different finishes which, in addition to varying the intensity of the color once applied, also modify the final effect of the makeup.

How to combine lipstick and textured eye makeupObviously, when combining colors, it is also good to evaluate the finishes of the different products and be careful not to stumble into small errors that can darken the face or even make it older. For example, opting for matte textures, both for eyes and lips, as well as highlighting small wrinkles would age anyone's features.

For this reason it is good to vary the finish and try to mix the different textures to try to balance eyes and mouth: glossed mouth and matte eyes, matte lipstick and eyeshadows with a metallic finish and more. Have fun and try, there are no mistakes in make-up.

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