How to combine wedges in spring (and create fresh outfits)

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We are now in the middle of spring and we know very well that to start wearing wedges, but with which garments can we combine them? Here are 5 outfits that can be right for you.

May they be in cork, rope, with raffia heel, wedges are that accessory that we must necessarily take out when the heat arrives.

Match wedges

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Purely summer, we can also use them in spring, especially when the warmth has taken over.

This year then, we have seen these shoes parading on the most important catwalks in the world.

A few examples? Those signed Valentino Garavano, powder pink, in calfskin and raffia, but also those in suede and padded sole by Kurt Greiger. Bottega Veneta has also chosen them for its new collection in the version with laces, tangerine color, 90s style.

But it doesn’t stop there, because Saint Laurent has made them more sophisticated than ever, with leather details, Castaner has proposed them in bright red and in cotton, Chloé are chosen in sandal version with front ax in white canvas.

In short, whatever their declination, we know that these shoes always remain casual – chic at the right point.

Comfortable – more than many heels – practical, suitable for many occasions, we can admit that they are about to become our must-have of the season.

But with which garments can we combine the wedges, especially if we are in spring? Here are 5 outfits created starting from these shoes.

Here’s how to match wedges in spring

Match wedges in spring is very easy: we often think that they are purely summer, but in reality we can start wearing them even before the arrival of summer.

Match wedges

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How to do? Here are 5 very different looks created starting from these shoes, from which you can take inspiration.

If you are a fan of the tank top, here are 5 ways to combine it and be chic at the right point.

Wedges, denim shorts and tank top

This is a look that is more summery than spring, let’s face it, but now there is only a month left for the advent of summer and why can’t we afford to anticipate it (also given the early heat)?

Fresh, youthful, glamorous, this trio is an evergreen of fashion and a little American style.

Which colors to prefer? Better light or neutral shades, such as white, cream, beige.

For go out during the day and facing the first heat waves there is nothing more comfortable.

Wedges, skinny trousers and crop top

That whether it is a pair of trousers or jeans, it changes little: this is the trio of wonders for the mid seasons.

We can thus playing on the fabrics, on the volumes – in contrast between the upper and lower part, but also on the colors.

Sure, dark colors aren’t ideal in spring, but why not try them a black trousers and a white crop top, so as to create a perfect contrast, even very sophisticated?

The touch of class then is prefer beige wedges, so that they are a middle ground between the dark shade of the lower part and the light one of the upper one.

Wedges and slip dresses

The slip dress is the sexiest garment there is, let’s face it. That’s why it should be toned down with wedges, decidedly casual, comfortable and practical by definition.

This is an unprecedented combo, which maybe at first glance it might not even convince 100%, but we are still in the mix & match era, why not play a little?

Wedges and pleated dress

The pleated dress it is comfortable, fresh, youthful, but always very refined. How to wear this garment in spring? Obviously together with wedges, they give it a more pop and less chic image.

And from above? A tank top will do just fine, as well as a t – shirt. Feel free to playing with colors, patterns, prints.

Wedges and total white

Total white rhymes with heat, there is little to do. In winter we can completely forget the “color of purity”, in favor of much darker, warmer tones, but also sometimes opaque ones.

But as soon as we feel that the winter cold is giving way to the spring breeze, we can’t do without white.

How to make total white appear even more sophisticated? With beige wedges and simple golden accessories. This is enough and that’s it.

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