How to create an "affectionate" school

How to create an "affectionate" school

How far we have to go to go from a selective school to a loving school.

An "affectionate" school. The Minister of Education has declared that he wants to work for a loving school, in which sociality is the way of living together.

Professor Giacomo Stella also agrees with these words, but underlines how far there is still to go to go from a selective school to a loving school. A bet still to be won.

At work for a "loving" school

“We are working for a loving school, in which we return to have affection for others. After years of individualism, we need to go back to a school of affection, in which sociality is the way of living together ". These are the words of the current Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, during a television broadcast.

Professor Giacomo Stella, Creator and Scientific Director of the SOS Dyslexia Centers, also agrees that there is work to be done in this direction. "This affection between school desks, in the educational relationship, does not emerge". Sometimes children are scolded in a way that is anything but affectionate for not having yet learned to write in cursive or to calculate correctly 7 × 8, or, even, they are invited to change schools because they are "unable to cope with certain rhythms".

For this reason, the school is still very far from the affectionate school of which Minister Bianchi speaks. "It is a school that puts grades at the center of its mission and which, progressively with the increase in education levels, transforms the relationship with students into a sort of challenge".

In fact, today the school focuses on elementary learning, thus reducing students' learning to a grade or an assessment. And this is a problem especially for students with SLD, who have many difficulties in adapting to the learning method implemented by today's school.

What to do to transform the school?

How then to transform today's school, so concentrated and focused on grades and selective at the same time, into an affectionate school? According to Professor Stella, an educational alliance is needed, an educational care between family and school.

But not only. It is also important to create inclusive teaching, which allows everyone to express their characteristics and potential to the fullest. This also through an alliance with students, who meet their needs and learning styles.

Precisely to meet the needs of all boys and girls, the Digital Education platform allows you to learn the main school subjects through gamification (with points, rankings, avatars and diplomas), also offering compensatory tools such as text to speech o speech synthesis, mind maps and the choice of the reading font.

To hear the words of Prof. Giacomo Stella watch the video.

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