How to create an Instagram filter with just make up

Come creare un filtro Instagram solo con il make up

The filters are able to give us perfect skin, a healthy complexion, large and bright eyes with exaggerated lashes, plump lips.

Almost all of us now use filters in the photos we post on social media: few do without them. And even when it seems like they aren't there, they actually are! But what's so irresistible about filters? Make us look more beautiful, of course.

The filters are able to give us perfect skin, a uniform healthy complexion, perfect facial contouring, large and bright eyes with exaggerated lashes, plump lips as if we had just made a filler filler.

What Camilla teaches us in this tutorial is how to create a "filter effect" using makeup. And if you are afraid of not being good enough, do not worry, the steps are illustrated in an extremely simple and clear way.

The first step is to smooth the skin with a face primer that improves skin texture and minimizes dilated pores, correct discoloration and… for the rest, look at Camilla's tutorial.

Camilla Cantini is a freelance makeup artist with a passion for fashion and art. Born self-taught, her love for the beauty world leads her to specialize, working for shootings, fashion shows and magazines in the sector. Camilla loves creating always different looks, researching new trends and dealing with those who follow her. Here you can read her beauty tips.

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