How to cure "I have nothing to wear" syndrome

How to cure "I have nothing to wear" syndrome

Needless to resort to compulsive shopping: often to find the right outfit you just need to think strategically about the clothes we already have in the closet

You will certainly have found yourself staring at the closet full of clothes and thinking: "Even today I have nothing to put on". Usually, it follows the phase in which you browse one outfit after another, only to realize that one does not give you, the other is not suitable and the third does not like you … and then you find yourself with a chaos of clothes to put back in place and a look that does not convince you because already seen. By following a few small rules, you can end this dripping once and for all.

If you're wondering: no, running to your favorite store and buying something new isn't the solution. Indeed, it is part of the problem. Very often, in fact, the feeling of not having what we are looking for is given by the fact that we shop too easily, without thinking about what we really need.

Buying clothes just because you like them is not a good idea: instead try to think about possible combinations and, only if you find at least three or four, then proceed with the purchase. Then avoid buying things that you don't need just because "you never know", but above all don't be repetitive with purchases: as fashionable as it may be, the tenth white t-shirt will only increase the feeling of déjà-vu .

Too much choice is not good, also because it makes us lazy and leads us to always think in the same way. You have surely already heard that less is more: better a few strategic garments that you can make the most of, rather than a thousand clothes that do not tie together. Try to balance the number of basic and other trendy clothes: it is a solution that will allow you to always create new looks, mixing freely.

After making a healthy decluttering in your closet, eliminating out of date, ruined, too large or too small garments, try to create original outfits with what remains. You can try creating combinations, photographing them and associating to each one some keywords related to mood, weather, occasion… it will serve as an archive where you can go fishing for your outfits. Social media also give you a hand: for example on Instagram or Pinterest it is easy to find inspirations for your looks. Don't get caught up in laziness and think outside the usual schemes: being fashion will be easier.

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