How to curl eyelashes with eyelash curler, how do you use it?

The eyelash curler is a great ally for curved eyelashes and open eyes, lifting effect. But how do you use it? Break your eyelashes?

The eyelash curler is a long-standing but little used makeup ally. Often relegated only to special occasions, there seems to be an aura of mystery and fear regarding the use of this tool. In reality, using it correctly and with a little practice, it is a perfect tool for those with straight or slightly curved eyelashes or for those who simply want panoramic-looking eyelashes and a lifting effect that opens the eye.

The golden rule to use the eyelash curler

First of all, to use the eyelash curler the eyelashes must be removed. In fact, it is precisely by going to use it on the eyelashes made up with mascara that you risk breaking them and damaging them. This is because with mascara the eyelashes stiffen, therefore going to press them with the eyelash curler you risk that they can come off, also because they could remain attached to the protective rubbers. In addition, the effect of the eyelash curler on make-up eyelashes is not the best, they stick together forming lumps and bend unnaturally, forming an angle that is too rigid.

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How do you use the eyelash curler?

It is more difficult to explain it than to do it: using the eyelash curler is easy, just pay a little attention to not get hurt. Once challenged, you will have to insert the lashes between the rubbers, coming as close as possible to their base. Be careful not to get too close though, otherwise you will risk taking your skin and pinching yourself. Once you have placed your eyelashes inside, gently bend them, hold them for a couple of seconds and repeat the operation several times, moving slightly advancing upwards, but without reaching the tips.

Don't rush when using the eyelash curler, because you could risk pulling or tearing them. At this point, once curved, you can switch to applying mascara. You will immediately notice how they are really more curved and lifted upwards, opening your gaze and also giving an optical effect of longer eyelashes. However, you can decide to use it even without mascara, for a natural effect but at the same time a smarter look and a bigger eye.

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Size and quality also matter

Not all eyelash curlers are the same, there are various sizes. To choose a good eyelash curler you have to rely on the size of your eye and look for one that is as similar as possible. By doing this in one go you will embrace all the lashes and there will not be any left. Wrong size, in fact, would lead you to have to fold them in several stages and it is more difficult, you risk to bend them badly and form strange angles.

Quality also plays a big part in choosing an eyelash curler. There are various prices, some really cheap others a little more expensive. As it is not a tool that wears easily, it is better to invest in a well-built product that will last over time, spending a little more initially and then not buying it back for a long time. In addition, cheap eyelash curlers may not be precisely manufactured and you may risk hurting yourself, tearing your eyelashes or pinching your skin.

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Hygiene is essential, especially for rubber pads

Last, but not least, hygiene: the eyelash curler should be cleaned often! Being a tool in contact with the eye, it must be cleaned and disinfected often, to avoid irritation or other problems. Needless to say, it should be a personal tool, but if someone other than you uses it, remember to clean it properly.

The rubbers, then, wear out over time and lose grip and must therefore be replaced. Often when buying the eyelash curler they are supplied as spare parts, but there are also universal ones that adapt to most of these tools.

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