How to cut your own hair (short hair)

How to cut your own hair (short hair)

Cutting short hair by yourself is not an impossible task with a few little tricks. Let's find out how to have a flawless look for free.

Cutting your hair short can be a good time to save time and money. In fact, it can often become complicated to go to the hairdresser frequently to have a cut that is always fresh and an impeccable appearance. First of all, to be able to cut short hair by yourself it is essential to get all the necessary equipment. In this case it is important to have a razor with two different combs, a spray filled with water and a pair of professional scissors.

At this point you can start wetting your hair with the spray. Cutting hair from wet allows you to do a faster and easier job without missing quality or precision. After doing this, start shaving. Start cutting from the top of the head. The hair is usually cut shorter at the sides and in the back while they are longer in the upper part of the head so you will have to start with a comb for a longer cut.

With a steady hand, start shaving from a point about 2.5-5 cm from the ears, following the line from one side to the other of the head. Then start cutting from the forehead following the shape of the head, to complete the whole area. At this point, change the comb to a shorter one. Proceed to cut the side and back parts of the head. With a movement from the bottom upwards, shave the two sideburns until you reach the area that you have already shortened. With the same movement, proceed to the rear. Now all that remains is to take care of some small details.

Looking at yourself in the mirror, you will notice how obvious the difference in length between the two areas is. This is why it is time to fade the two lengths with scissors. Taking several strands of hair in the area where you have changed the comb, use the scissors to check the sections of hair until no difference is visible and the cut is uniform.

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