How to deal with very high heat in the car?

How to deal with very high heat in the car?

While many departments are on heatwave orange alert, you should take a few precautions if you have to hit the road in hot weather. Between the good management of the air conditioning and the equipment to bring with you, it is better not to forget anything.

Perfectly regulated air conditioning

Before driving, you should check that your vehicle’s air conditioning is working properly. It is also necessary to take care to first ventilate the interior of the car before leaving, if possible when the weather is still good, in order to renew the air well. Then it’s best to start rolling with the windows open for a few miles before closing them for good. In general, it is recommended to set the temperature of the air conditioning 5 to 10 degrees below that observed outside. Finally, for maximum efficiency, it is better to direct the airflow towards the upper body and the arms rather than towards the face.

Essential accessories

Sunglasses, caps, headbands, foggers, towels, fans or even mini-fans are all essential accessories for long hot journeys. The more knowledgeable can also opt for refreshing seat covers that easily attach to the seats and prevent excessive sweating.

A handy cooler

Needless to say that in case of strong heat, young and old will quickly get thirsty and that it is better not to wait for the pee break to quench your thirst. It is therefore always necessary to provide water and cold drinks for everyone, preferably to keep in a cooler. Fresh fruit is also recommended. Regarding the cooler, an electric model will be welcome for particularly long journeys.

Park in the shade

Once at a standstill, always remember to park well in the shade, to cool the engine and the passenger compartment, even for a few minutes. If this is not possible, then do not forget to deploy a sun visor to avoid getting burned when entering the car again.

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