How to design and furnish your home with apps

How to design and furnish your home with apps

Do you need to buy furniture or furnish your new home? Find out how easy it is to plan everything in the best possible way with the new furnishing apps!

Furnishing your home is a really important step that requires a lot of attention and the utmost attention to detail: we would all like to live in an apartment or a villa that perfectly reflects our tastes and our personality. If you have a small house, very often, you tend not to want to spend too much, as if you live in an apartment that you know will never be the one for life. However, it is still very important to create a comfortable and relaxing environment, considering that the house is the place where you spend most of your time. The biggest mistake not to make is precisely that of choosing furnishing accessories with superficiality and little attention: try to put the same effort into it that you would make when buying furniture for the living room or kitchen. Try to select carpets, lamps, vases, frames, paintings that best reflect your way of being and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Speaking of this, it is good not to hang the paintings in bulk, too low or high, but about 160 centimeters from the ground and then, who knows, group them in a single solution. The most important thing, however, is precisely that of creating monochromatic areas: a total white environment, in fact, would risk becoming too aseptic and definitively without a soul. Instead, it focuses on the liveliness of paintings and frames, but also colored candles to give the environment a bit of tone and personality. Finally, work hard not to give the different rooms of your home a pre-established theme, so as not to alter the perception of the quality of your place of the heart: indulge yourself, give full rein to your creative flair to give shape to a unique and special nest .

How to decorate your home using apps

Everything you have read so far is really very interesting, but you may be wondering where to start to organize the house according to your tastes and ideas. And you are absolutely right! In this regard, there have long been a series of apps for designing and decorating free homes. The time has come to stop fantasizing and imagine your home as you would like it, now you can really make your made-to-measure dream come true. From today, in fact, you can really virtually create the apartment of your dreams using your tablet or smartphone and start giving life to your project. Thanks to these home design apps, you will be able to visualize an environment in 3D without too many problems and it does not matter if you are not a surveyor or an architect.

Then, if you have just moved home and need to proceed with the purchase of new furniture and furnishing accessories, using an app to furnish your home could really be a valuable aid to avoid making mistakes that you would surely regret in the future. From today you can take advantage of all the technology you have at your fingertips and find out how you could furnish your home or how you would like it to become in just a few steps. The apps we will talk about shortly are really very interesting and allow you, moreover, to visualize in real time how your apartment could become: wallpaper, furniture, floor and much more. All only and exclusively from your devices. Start decorating your home without difficulty and have fun creating your ideal environment!

Magic Plan

The first home design app that we present to you is called Magic Plan: until recently it was only available for iOS, but today it is also compatible with the Android system. Just download it. It is very interesting how this application is perfectly able to detect the dimensions of several rooms and then create a floor plan in a completely autonomous way, following the instructions on the screen. How to do? By framing and scrolling the camera with the camera, I view the room. By doing so, it will be very easy to identify any angles, an operation necessary for the survey, and to guess the presence of objects, as well as their position. Once this process is finished, the application will show you the floor plan of the premises, together with the various measures.

In the event that the measures are not completely compatible, you can still make the necessary changes, increasing or decreasing their value proportionally. Once this is done, it will be sufficient to save as PDF to always have an image at hand. Furthermore, this app also offers the possibility to draw the room you want to design freehand, by selecting the floor and the type of environment you want to design from the main menu. This home design app is available in a free version, but to take advantage of some features you need to subscribe for 9.99 euros per month. Could it be the right app for you? Download it now!

Roomle 3D

Roomle 3D is also one of the best apps to design the house of your dreams: you can design any space, but also furnish and decorate the rooms as you wish. It is an award-winning app that allows you to draw each floor plan in a very precise way and view the spaces in scale, allowing you to apply changes to the colors of the walls, as well as to the floors and the choice of the perfect furniture. Roomle 3D boasts a catalog that presents a wide range of objects that you can use to decorate your home and that you can move and position as you wish. Also change colors and sizes with just one click!

This home design app is available as a free version, but allows you to work on one project at a time, offering limited access to the catalog. You can create up to 25 projects, all with the possibility of being saved on your device, but it is important to subscribe to a monthly subscription so as not to miss any news and make the most of the potential of this application.

3D Home Design

Home Design 3D is also very popular, a semi-free solution for designing a home. It is an app that can be downloaded for free, but to access some tools it is mandatory to subscribe. This app is excellent for creating floor plans of various kinds, both on tablets and smartphones in very few steps, but of course we always recommend using the first device. A larger screen definitely makes a difference! After downloading it, tap on the "+" symbol to start creating your ideal home project: a new drawing will be created instantly and to which you can add components of various kinds.

First of all, worry about adding walls to your model to start giving shape to your idea and you can easily do this using the tools in the left side menu. To add elements to your model, you can click on a series of options on the top menu: Land to add, for example, a garden; Room to insert a new environment and Objects to decorate the house with furniture, sofas, carpets and much more. Then, with the Texture option you can easily change the colors of walls and floors.


The name of this app is very intuitive: Homestyler, in fact, is an application designed to furnish the home. It is among the best around, a 100% free solution perfect for designing the home you've always dreamed of. This app has helped many users over the years to furnish all the rooms in their home: from sofas to rugs, as well as knick-knacks and furnishings in general. Homestyler is based on an augmented reality principle, by which it is possible to remove all the furniture already present in the photos, with the aim of replacing them with something new and modern.

Download the application now to start decorating your home: first, take a picture of the room you want to refurbish and use the Catalog option to start adding various new accessories. From the catalog, in fact, you can choose everything you like, position it according to your criteria, but also move it as you prefer. Using other tools, you can also change the intensity of the brightness, correct any defects, choose the new color of walls and floors.


Do you already know Houzz? It is the second home decorating app that we choose to offer you. If you are looking for a new inspiration and you have a lot of imagination, this could be the perfect solution for you! What are you waiting for? Start furnishing your home in a new perspective now! After installing it on your smartphone or tablet, you can access the vast catalog and consult a series of articles and accessories created and designed ad hoc by true professionals in the sector. It is interesting how you can independently select the price range you prefer and closest to your budget, select the size of the room you want to redecorate and, of course, check the furniture that will be housed inside.

Houzz offers you the enormous opportunity to buy objects and accessories that have caught your attention and that you would see very well in your living room. All this is possible by clicking, for example, on the picture that interests you most from the Products section: from here, you will be directed to the virtual shop page to make your purchase. This, together with the previous app, is certainly among the most used to furnish one's place of the heart according to very specific ideas and thoughts.

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