How to dress during pregnancy at work

How to dress during pregnancy at work

Combine the maternity look with the office dress code: the advice of our expert Rossella Migliaccio

Dear Expert,
I'm pregnant. The baby will be born in late June and the belly begins to see itself !! So far I have been limited to wearing the most comfortable clothes I had in the wardrobe but now I would like to avoid bundling myself up too much. I am quite tall and of medium build. I work in contact with the public in a banking institution and can therefore understand that I certainly can't go to the office with the overalls or dungarees! Thank you very much. Ida

Dear Ida, first of all best wishes for your pregnancy. I understand that it is not easy to combine the maternity look with the office dress code, moreover banking! Here then I come to the rescue.

In general, try to avoid clothes that are too loose and shapeless, because they would give you more volume. Instead, I advise you to invest in a pair of classic trousers, but with an elastic girth.

Pair them with a dark jacket (at H&M you can stock up on tops of one or two extra sizes). To complete the look, use contrasting jackets or cardigans: then, using dark colors for tops and trousers, you can play around with colored jackets.

Best wishes and best wishes again!

Rossella Migliaccio
Image consultant


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