How to dress to look thinner

How to dress to look thinner

Every woman, when dressing, tries to accentuate her own qualities and camouflage some defects. But sometimes something escapes control and mistakes are made

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Whether she is online or overweight, no woman wants to look fatter than she is. Indeed, let's face it, every woman when she dresses tries to accentuate her own merits and above all to camouflage some defect. But despite good intentions, sometimes something escapes control and you make big mistakes.

A few precautions are enough to avoid false steps. Read the ten tips below well: you can get to look like 5 pounds less.

1. Dress with one or at most two colors, avoiding excessive contrasts. A monochrome outfit gives you a more elegant line and a natural slimming effect.

2. Choose the V-neck or a boat neck. Better to avoid the shawl necklines (they are confusing!) And turtlenecks that cover the whole neck, with the result of making it look bigger.

3. Add, when you can, a beautiful necklace that catches the eye on your eyes (and moves it away from the hips and side B)

4. Remember that pointy shoes stretch your legs. Better to avoid the ankle straps, which make the calves look bigger.

5. Tighten your boot-cut jeans: a bell-bottom flared balance the curves of the lower back.

6. If your waistline is your weak point, choose empire-style dresses and tops, made with light fabrics and falling slightly over the waist. Do not put the shirts in the pants and avoid wearing a belt.
7. If your backside and legs are your weak point, wear the lightest colors on the upper part of the body and the darker colors on the lower one.

8. Wear high and dark boots to get the effect of a more slender look.

9. For the same purpose, wear heels from 5 to 10 centimeters.

10. Make up! If you have a minimum of manual skills you could try with the contouring, to create lights and shadows on the face. In this video we explain how to make contouring.

Needless to say, then, that a self-confident woman with a positive attitude always looks more beautiful and happy.

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