How to easily recreate Brazilian joy in everyday looks

How to easily recreate Brazilian joy in everyday looks

There is a substantial difference between dressing in brightly colored clothes and choosing a Brazilian look and it is energy. Yes, because to embrace summer properly it is good to start immediately with the right mood. Let’s see how to do it.

If you say “Brazil” the carnival, the beaches, the beautiful women immediately come to mind, and not necessarily in that order. The beauty of outfits of this type is that they look good on everyone and that even if you have low morale, they help to lift your spirit and self-esteem.

Colored Brazilian outfits 14-5-22.

Source: Canva.

From the shirt to the decorated trousers, let’s see together what to buy to immerse ourselves in the most positive style in the world.

To feel the energy of Brazil on you, let’s start with the right clothes

The dress of Anna Kosturova (430 euros on MyTheresa already discounted by 10%) in fuchsia and orange tie-dye silk with small white shades, has an American neckline, a bow on the left side that takes up the back one on the neck and the right length for both flat sandals than for a medium-high heel.

Orange pleated dress 14-5-22.

Source: Pinterest.

As a first choice it is ideal for hot afternoons in the city.

More suitable for aperitif time, the long dress by Manila Grace in cotton muslin. It will be perfect if paired with a nineties denim jacket (Calvin Klein never disappoints in this regard) or with a pastel cardigan that in a fake casual way you will place on your shoulders while walking with your boyfriend.

Isabel Marant proposes a jacket – Lexine – for 490 euros on Luisa ViaRoma. The base is white and the pink and blue pattern on the whole exterior is zig zag, there are fringes on the collar and at the height of the deltoid and the closure is front with concealed zip. Original, it will also brighten up a pair of old jeans.

Colored balloon blouse 14-5-22Source Pinterest.

The slim fit jeans by Carrera they are in Tiffany teal and can be found on Zalando for only € 38.70 instead of € 49 so we are already off to a good start. The particular color can be combined with the enamel of the feet or with some accessories of the maison but apart from that it is a way to get out of the pattern of the pants only blue jeans or colored pants. To buy and put on as soon as possible.

After understanding how to take advantage of high-waisted skirts to appear taller, here you can combine the style pills on colors for easy and joyful outfits to make your head spin. There is nothing left to do but try and prepare for the questions of friends about who is the designer of the dress, what is the occasion, etc …

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