How to eat fruit to lose weight: here are the tips to follow

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Here’s how to eat fruit to lose weight: let’s find out the tips to follow so as not to consume it incorrectly and gain weight.

Among the foods that cannot be missing in one Healthy and Balanced Diet Fruit is definitely one of those. Consuming it daily keeps diseases away and allows us to enjoy good health.

eat fruit lose weight

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However many think that consuming too much can lead to weight gainespecially because it contains fructose, a simple sugar found naturally in fruit. So, if on the one hand it is true that we should never do without it in the diet, on the other hand there are some small tricks to follow to eat it without gaining weight.

Let’s find out then how to eat fruit to lose weight thanks to some simple tips. Here are the rules for consuming it and saying goodbye to extra pounds, especially now that the costume fitting is coming.

Here’s how to eat fruit for weight loss

According to the guidelines of our country, we read on the website of the Higher Institute of Health, the recommended daily consumption of fruit and vegetables is 5 portions a day, including 2 of vegetables with meals (lunch and dinner) and 3 of fruit (2 with meals and one for breakfast, or in the two snacks and for breakfast).

eat fruit lose weight

Source: Canva

Generally the portion to be taken as a reference is approx 150 grams net of waste, this means a fruit such as an apple, a pear, an orange, two apricots, two plums or 2 mandarins.

Obviously then you can consume even more but if you have weight problems this can affect the rest of the diet. So let’s find out what are the rules for consuming fruit and losing weight.

1) Match it correctly. One of the first mistakes people make is eating fruit by combining it incorrectly. For proper digestion it is good to know how to associate foods, and fruit is no exception. Indeed, being a food that tends to ferment in the intestine, we will have to take it correctly in combination with the rest of the meal, if we consume it for lunch or dinner. Here you will find all the tips to avoid making a mistake.

2) Consume it in the morning. Rich in precious substances such as vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants, fruit is perfect in the early hours of the morning, also because it provides carbohydrates, essential for giving us energy at the beginning of the day. If, on the other hand, we consume it for dinner, we must know that perhaps we will not be able to dispose of all its caloric intake. This does not mean that it cannot be consumed, it is enough just to do it in small quantities and perhaps without the peel so as to be able to digest it sooner.

3) Fruit before meals. Some nutritionists recommend introducing it even before meals so as to provide a sense of satiety and then limit the intake of other foods, more fat and caloric.

4) Ripe at the right point. It should be known that if the fruit is very ripe it is more flavorful and digestible but also more caloric because it contains more sugar. On the contrary, if it is unripe it contains more chlorophyll and less fructose therefore it brings less sugar. In this case, however, it is more difficult to digest. Here you can find the trick to make it mature faster.

5) Fruit juice but only natural. Many think that by drinking a fruit juice they have consumed their portion of fruit. Too bad that the packaged ones contain sugars and do not help to lose weight, on the contrary. If you want to consume fruit juices, it is important to make them at home with fresh fruit using a centrifuge or an extractor, and of course they will be served without adding sugar.

Ultimately, therefore, consuming fruit is necessary and essential in a healthy and balanced diet. Furthermore, it is necessary to know that fruit does not make you fat, you just need to know how to introduce it. It is a protective factor against various diseases including obesity or cardiovascular ones, but also with regard to type 1 and 2 diabetes and cancers.

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