How to eliminate 500 calories per day from your diet

Spartan diet: you lose weight and tone up in a week

It takes just a few steps to eliminate 500 calories a day from the diet and regain physical fitness

Losing weight is easier if you cut calories. Here's how to eliminate 500 of them from your diet and get back in shape in no time (without efforts).

Eliminating 500 calories a day is very simple, just a few simple precautions and you're done. An example? When you go out with friends do not order the usual spritz, but focus on a much less calorie drink, such as a nice glass of red wine (good for the heart!) Or a small mug of beer. In this way you will be able to enjoy the aperitif without putting your diet at risk (find out how many calories the spirits have).

Sometimes we don't notice it, but we end up putting at the table – even unwittingly – foods that end up making us throw away all the efforts made to lose weight. Say goodbye to sauces, rich in fat and salt (harmful to cellulite), but above all to carbonated drinks. The latter, even if light, risk making us fat and increase the amount of calories eaten every day.

Attention also to snacks, which we often end up having for lunch, thanks to the work, the many commitments and little time available. Say no to sandwiches and sandwiches topped with fatty cheeses and mayonnaise, instead focus on light salads made with seasonal vegetables, seeds, rich in Omega3, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Are you crazy about sweets? Do not give up, risking falling into temptation at the first opportunity, but try to satisfy the palate with dark chocolate. Choose the one with 70% cocoa, rich in benefits, low in calories and perfect even for those on a diet. Between meals, keep your nervous hunger under control with dried fruit and smoothies, delicious and excellent for those on a diet.

For lunch, choose whole carbohydrates, to stimulate the functioning of the intestine and drain excess fluids. For dinner, focus on fish and white meat, eliminating excess fat to cut calories. Finally, pay attention to unsuspected foods and drinks that contain hidden sugars.

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