How to eliminate split ends

How to eliminate split ends

Here are some tips for eliminating and preventing split ends, a frequent problem on long hair. For healthy and beautiful hair

Star hair: from crop to long

The split ends problem is related to unhealthy and poorly groomed hair. Dyes, washes, hair dryers, straighteners ruin the nature of the hair. Poor nutrition also affects hair health. Here's how to get rid of split ends.

How to eliminate split ends: first step
First of all it is necessary to give us a cut! Even though many of you will want to keep the length, the first move to get rid of split ends is to go to the hairdresser for a nice cut. And while you are at the hairdresser, let yourself be told, according to his expert opinion, what type of hair is yours to be able to treat it in the most appropriate way.

How to eliminate split ends: cure and moisturize them
Contrary to popular belief, washing and drying your hair often are actions that damage the hair. Too high temperatures (hair dryers and straighteners) are one of the main causes of split ends. Before using these tools it is good to protect the hair with a special cream. Keep in mind that the tips are the oldest part of the hair, therefore the most brittle.

When washing your hair keep in mind that the shampoo is used to wash the skin, while the conditioner is used to hydrate the hair. Proper hydration of your hair will be the winning weapon to eliminate split ends. Be gentle with your long hair and take some time for it. Many hairdressers say hair should be checked once a month.

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