How to enhance light, green or blue eyes? Here are some tips

How to enhance light, green or blue eyes? Here are some tips

Practical and simple tips to make a quick makeup everyday, suitable for light, green or blue eyes

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For light eyes like yours, green or blue, the best makeup is certainly the contrasting one, which emphasizes the color of the iris. In the case of green eyes, the colors to be preferred are the reddish and violet ones, while for the blue ones the warm, orange browns. This does not mean that you should use purple or orange eye shadows, also because the effect, unless you want to create a particular makeup, would not be very suitable for everyday makeup, unless you are very young or not from not choose fairly neutral colors.

In general (because it depends on the shape of the eye), for example, just use one eye shadow and apply it with a flat brush over the entire eyelid, reaching up to a few millimeters above where the eyelid fold is. At this point, with a soft and clean shading brush, the color spreads in the fold to avoid detachment of color and so that it degrades up to cancel itself with the color of the skin. If, fading, the color loses intensity, with a small brush it can be reapplied near the ciliary rhyme, or intensify with a similar but darker color. A lot of volumizing, lengthening or incurvating mascara, depending on the desired effect, and everyday makeup is ready! In this regard, the brown eye shadows are excellent, to choose warmer and orange-colored for blue eyes, cooler and mauve for green ones. On blue eyes, try also the peach and coral colors, especially in the case of colder undertones.

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With more intense makeup and for everyday makeup, my advice is to use neutral, natural lipsticks, to choose based on your own undertone. For those with a cold-tinged complexion, it is better to opt for nude mauve, usually more pink and with less brown inside. On the more yellow skin tones, on the other hand, natural lipsticks with a warmer, brown or orange component are excellent. It is not important to use colors that are too brown or too orange, and even less intense violet, just a small percentage is enough to warm or cool the tone of the lipstick. On lips that are no longer young and swollen (even if it is not your case!) It is best to avoid creamy lipsticks, which would end up in the folds. Instead, opt for opaque lipsticks, liquid or satin lipsticks, medium creamy, to combine with a pencil to outline the edge.

A little trick, then, to revive the complexion and feel immediately in order, for a "healthy" effect, is to use the lipstick also chosen as blush. Just apply a small amount and blend with a sponge or your fingers, to obtain a complexion that will be combined with the lipstick, giving a more natural and homogeneous effect. I recommend it, better to proceed gradually by applying little product, to avoid creating accumulation or exaggerating with the quantity.

I hope these tips have been useful to you next time!

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