How to enhance small breasts? Tips

How to enhance small breasts? Tips

Useful suggestions from the expert to feel at ease with our body

Hi Rossella, I am writing to you about a problem that maybe you will consider nonsense but that makes me feel very ill. I am 20 years old and have practically no breasts. I have little of it, I really don’t have it. I am considering the possibility of undergoing plastic surgery, but I do not deny that I have a certain fear. Please give me advice to mask this flaw of mine. My name is Sara and I have just completed my university studies. I hope to start work interviews soon. My doubt is: what do you wear in these cases?

Thank you very much, Roberta

Dear Roberta,
the problems related to our image are never nonsense: they often represent real inconveniences and for this, they deserve respect and attention.
Plastic surgery is a demanding solution physically and economically, but also emotionally, as his body would change irreversibly.
Given her young age, I suggest you think about it very well. In the meantime, I can give you some little advice on image consulting.
Choose dresses with details that optically give volume to the chest (ruffles, flounces, applications, …). This also applies to swimwear …
In the same way, more structured fabrics and cuts are preferable: better a double-breasted jacket than a tight-fitting t-shirt on the bust.
Well, also wide collars, round necklines, puff sleeves and everything you create roundness.
Enjoy also with accessories: a scarf, an important necklace, a brooch.
Finally, remember that many beautiful women of the show have a small breast: the elegant Keira Knightley, the exuberant Cameron Diaz, and even the provocative Anna Mouglalis. A demonstration that femininity and seduction are not measured in bra sizes.

Rossella Migliaccio
Image consultant


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