How to fake a tanned complexion with makeup for every skin tone

How to fake a tanned complexion with makeup for every skin tone

Summer is running out and, if the tan begins to fade, you can run for cover even with makeup

Time to go home and to work, the holidays are (almost) over. Holidays deserved and fully enjoyed after a lockdown that has seen us locked up at home for months. Holidays made of sun, sea, mountains, small villages and local cities to be rediscovered. As a reminder, we are accompanied by a tan achieved with difficulty and a little sweat and, you know, after a few days it begins to fade.

In addition to using self-tanners or other products to prolong it and keep it as long as possible, however, there are tricks and tricks to fake it or enhance it with makeup. Yes, the summer color is not destined to disappear like the holidays but rather, it becomes bright and extremely glamorous, both on the face and on the body.

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Bronzer and blush, the must haves for a tanned effect makeup

The best known and most used product to give a little color to the face is undoubtedly the bronzer. The earth, in fact, has amber, warm and golden hues, which if applied in the right places emphasize the tan and, indeed, can even fake it. Choose a golden shade with very small reflective particles, not large glitter but barely perceptible pearlescence.

After making the face base, apply it with a large brush and light touches, without exaggerating the amount of product. In this way the whole face will warm up and color slightly, without however creating an artifact or detachment color with the rest of the body. In this regard, do not forget to apply it also on the neck and décolleté, to harmonize the final effect. Then insist on the areas that are naturally most affected by the sun: cheekbones and cheeks, the sides of the forehead in the area above the eyebrows, on the nose and on the chin. By doing this you will recreate a natural tan effect.

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Another fundamental and often forgotten ally in favor of the earth is blush. It gives a healthy and radiant effect to the face, "bonne mine", gives a hint of color and, if applied in the right places, it is an excellent trick to pretend to have taken some sun with a slightly reddened effect. The important thing is not to mistake the tone, especially according to your skin tone and undertone.

If you are very light and not too tanned, choose shades that are not too strong and stratify it gradually. If, on the other hand, you have naturally dark or tanned skin, choose more intense and saturated colors, always paying attention not to apply too much all at once. On skin with a cold undertone it is better to prefer pink, fuchsia and cold colors, needless to say, while on skin with a warmer undertone, go ahead with reds, biscuits, oranges, peaches and coral. Apply it with a brush that is not too wide but not too small, focusing on the cheeks, tip of the nose and chin, the areas that redden first when exposed to the sun.

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Don't forget about them: colored and illuminating cream

Another underrated but life-changing product in the summer is tinted cream. There are usually standard light, medium and dark shades but they are quite universal, because they adapt well to every complexion. By opting for a tinted cream slightly darker than your starting tone, it will be easy to give that extra pinch of color to the face, without creating any detachment.

In fact, they are not very opaque products that mainly go to even out the complexion and for this reason, while applying a darker tone, you can easily blend them on the face, neck and the beginning of the décolleté for a more tanned effect. Again, less is more: apply a small amount of product and, if necessary, add a little more, so as not to risk finding yourself really too dark, with a decidedly not credible effect.

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Last, but not least, his majesty the illuminator. For a few years now, there seems to be no makeup without a touch of light on the cheekbones and, to be honest, rightly so. Forget illuminants full of glitter or artifacts, if they are not to your liking, because there are also delicate and barely perceptible ones. With the difference, however, that they emphasize the skin tone, sculpt the face and immediately make it more radiant, even without applying large quantities.

If you are a fan of a more visible effect, just use a flame brush and choose a very reflective one, with a wet effect or with microbeads, to be applied on the cheekbone, bridge of the nose, tip, chin and forehead above the eyebrows, depending on your face shape. If, on the other hand, you prefer a softer effect, try less metallic products and apply them with a wider brush, so that the illuminant is less concentrated.

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Illuminating oils, sprays and gels for a radiant and colored complexion

Now that the face is settled and tanned, a touch of color is also missing from the body. If you want a lasting effect, you can use instant or progressive self-tanners but, if you are not very practical, makeup has the solution. Just apply an illuminating oil, a cream, a spray or a gel, with your hands or with rather large kabuki brushes, focusing on the legs, arms, shoulders and décolleté.

They are products containing reflective particles and some pigments to even out the skin. You can choose a shade that suits your skin tone, for a single illuminating effect but, if you want to fake a little tan, opt for a darker tone. Do not worry, being products for the body, the pigments are not very concentrated and give only a veil of color, without creating thickness and without the effect of a foundation, but with an imperceptible and natural finish.

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