How to fall asleep early: three exercises to promote sleep


It can happen that when you come home very late you can’t fall asleep. You are as active as if it were eight in the morning and you start playing on your cell phone or watching TV. «This happens because the sleep has a trend cyclic made of curves that show up every ninety minutes, ”he says Claudia Romani, piscologist and psychotherapist in Rome. “So if, for one reason or another, you don’t go to sleep when you usually do, the mind relaxes (and falls asleep) only at the next bend “. This type of insomnia, then, is accentuated if you have had a particularly pleasant evening: «Often the mind remains trapped in the places that have activated and generated positive and / or strong sensations; so, keep reliving them even when they are actually finished preventing us from falling asleep», Adds Dr. Romani.

Three techniques to promote sleep

To fall asleep easily after an exciting eveningtry the exercises (to be done at your choice) suggested by our expert.

  1. Once you have decided to go to sleep, wherever you are, stand up and close your eyes. She inhales and exhales deeply five times. Then start walking, barefoot, the path that separates you from the bedroom but do it very slowly: bring your right foot forward, then take your left foot off the floor by first raising the heel and, lastly, the toes of the feet. At each step repeat: “I relax”. As you walk you perceive the solidity of the floor; transfer all the tiredness of the body and in return absorb stability. This will release tension by allowing your mind and body to relax and slowly fall asleep.
  2. When you are in bed, mentally list all the stresses and stresses you have faced in the past day. Having done the inventory, take a good look at your tasks and imagine placing them, one by one, in your mental “septet”. Put them away carefully and then, retracing the drawers from one to seven, lock them with two firm and decisive sends. Notice the feeling that comes with this action: probably your mind will feel lightened and you will feel a general relaxation of the whole body that will guide you towards a deep sleep.
  3. Get some stones of different types, shapes and colors. Place them on the nightstand, dim the lights and sit on the bed. Touch the stones, try to feel their texture and start arranging them so that they are in balance one above the other. Continue until you begin to feel more relaxed. The process of seeking balance allows you to free your mind and body from thoughts: harmony and external balance are the reflection of an inner center of gravity which, once achieved, it will lead you to sleep.

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