How to find a good trainer online

How to find a good trainer online

Home fitness expands and we help you understand how to recognize and choose a good online trainer


  • Home fitness and online trainer
  • Good online trainer: 6 clues
    • Structure a program together on concrete objectives
    • Look at the screen and correct you
    • He listens to you and motivates you
    • Adjust the schedule according to your evolutions
    • It starts from your real motor experience
    • Punctual and organized / a
  • What not to expect from your online trainer

Home fitness and online trainer

The home fitness market or even home fitness is an expanding market and has led many personal trainers, instructors and teachers of fitness or various motor disciplines to specialize and move towards teaching on virtual platforms. Very often those who had one or a trusted teacher decided to follow him / her on his virtual path and this required patience, adjustments and new forms of interaction. But what if our trusted trainer doesn't feel like it or doesn't share the concept of online lessons? Or how to choose if you want to start from the beginning to follow online lessons, how to orient yourself among the many offers?

Sometimes sponsorships and the hype don't necessarily mean instant value and trust. Of course, those who have the power to make themselves known perhaps start from an important customer package base, but things are not always this way. You have to follow your intuition and agree on some basic conditions related to what you are looking for in a trainer. Not necessarily a good live trainer turns out to be such even online. And those who jump online do not always have adequate technical skills. For this reason, knowing how to choose becomes very important.

Good online trainer: 6 clues

Let's see together six clues that make you understand that you are facing a reliable and competent person.

Structure a program together on concrete objectives

The fact that the lessons are online does not mean that the training program has to be random or unorganized (unfortunately for many online trainers this is the way it is). A good or good online trainer takes you by the hand and structures with you a precise and organized timetable based on the actual time you agree together with regard to free time that allows you to dedicate yourself to training.

Look at the screen and correct you

Be wary of all those online trainers who take teaching on a virtual platform as a way to show themselves and who often look at the screen but do not observe in detail the way you perform the movements. Instead, trust whoever shows you the technical execution and, once the exercise has been shown, also observes you in detail and corrects you in the best possible way also based on your physical structure. Observing also means seeing when the person's body gets tired, even if these are online lessons, and being able to change while carrying out the training.

He listens to you and motivates you

Training also means asking. Ask the person how they are doing, how they are doing, how they perceive the changes that occur in the body, how they progress between one workout and another. Listening to a trainer remains a fundamental key and motivating means being able to push the person to the best version of himself. This often reveals an important talent of the trainer, as motivating online can be difficult.

Adjust the schedule according to your evolutions

A trainer remains a flexible person, who watches and plays as the flow goes on and progress is made. The program he proposes has its own structure but varies according to how the physical and psychological reaction to the proposed exercises changes. Having a pupil means having clay to be modeled in your hands, something that gradually takes its harmonic shape. Ready to question his predictions and programs, the expert knows how to adapt and change when needed.

It starts from your real motor experience

If you start a path and the trainer does not ask you the right questions about your motor experience, it is not the right person and we advise you to change immediately. The construction of the program must be done on the basis of who you really are, your current strengths and past injuries. He must ask you specific questions about your physical state, about any acute or chronic pain. Be very strict on this aspect. Since training is done at a distance, it becomes even more important to have someone in front of you who knows a lot about the current physical conditions given by previous events.

Punctual and organized / a

Time matters a lot and you need to make sure you find a trainer who is punctual and well organized. He must send the recordings if he offers the option and must be able to notify you of any changes in time, in the event of technical or personal problems. Of course, if you run into network problems outside of your control domain, that's out of your responsibility, but it needs to give you the feeling that you can proactively take care of them.

What not to expect from your online trainer

The online trainer does not have among his duties that of solving your technical problems concerning your connection, your device and your ability to use the platform that is used to carry out the lessons. It does not fall within his duties to understand if you do not communicate in time changes related to technological aspects that prevent you from teaching and he does not have the responsibility to respond to your messages at all times of the day when you do not teach.

He has the duty to remain available but remember that, like you, he certainly follows other customers and it is not fair to imagine that he is available 24 hours a day. Therefore, measure communications and try to help him carry out his job by keeping a clean connection and functional.

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