How to freeze asparagus and always have them available: here are the useful tricks

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The asparagus season is almost over: here’s how to freeze these vegetables and always have them available.

Among typically spring vegetables we find the asparagus. Good, light and tasty they are rich in nutrients and with countless beneficial properties. Diuretics, anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, purifiers, asparagus are largely composed of water but also of fibers, proteins and carbohydrates. On the other hand, they do not contain fat.

freeze asparagus

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Extremely versatile, the asparagus can be declined in countless recipes, perfect with first courses such as pasta and risotto, but also in omelettes, or in velvety up to classic side dishes. Different varieties of asparagus can be found. From white ones to violet and green ones and finally the wild ones.

Often, however, the period to consume them is really shortthe asparagus season in fact begins around end of March and lasts throughout the springand since they are about to end then, let’s find out i tricks to freeze asparagus and have them available all year round.

Here are the tricks for freezing asparagus

No matter how good and tasty asparagus is, they last very little, they are only found in spring and giving up on preparing exquisite dishes during the year is a real shame. This is why it is important know the tricks for freezing asparagus. This way we can always have them available all year round.

freeze asparagus

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But what are the methods to freeze them? Asparagus can be kept in the freezer either from raw than after having blanched them. So they will last for about 5 months. Let’s find out then the tricks to freeze them.

Asparagus can freeze raw. To do this, just wash them well under water, removing all of them earth residues. We then eliminate the final part of the stem, the most leathery one. At this point there we dry them well and then put them in the ice packs. We can freeze them whole or cut them into smaller pieces.

If instead them we freeze when cooked, after having cleaned the asparagus and washed them under water, removing the toughest parts they will be blanched. To do this we put the water to boil then immerse the asparagus and let them cook for 3 minutes. At this point we drain them and put them in a bowl full of frozen water and ice. The thermal shock will immediately stop cooking and keep them firm and perfect for cooking in our recipes. We can also in this case choose whether to freeze them whole or cut them into pieces, also depending on the use that we will then make of them.

To defrost our asparagus is not difficult. We must not remove them from the freezer too long in advance, just remove them from the freezer and put them directly in the pan or pot to cook. Thanks to these two methods we will be able to have asparagus available for a good part of the year. Here you can also learn about the mistakes not to make with asparagus.

If, on the other hand, you think of use the asparagus within a few days, just keep them in the refrigerator. In this case, just wrap the bottom of the stems with kitchen paper and store them in the refrigerator, consuming them within 4-5 days, placed in a paper bag for food. The more the days pass, the more the asparagus will tend to lose some of their flavor, therefore, the advice is to consume them fresh as soon as possible, or otherwise freeze them.

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