How to grow hair faster, healthier and more beautiful

How to grow hair faster, healthier and more beautiful

The right products and those to avoid and that risk damaging our health

Longer and cured hair in six moves

There are two main reasons why you read this article. The first is to be attributed to the wrong choice at the wrong time: you went to the hairdresser and allowed him to revolutionize your image, or to shave you or her (even if short hair is always a must). Second, but no less important, individual motivation: hate even the idea of ​​extensions for that feeling of fancy that the fans of this ploy are aroused by.

Given that a growth that defies nature is impossible, there are special attentions to help your hair grow faster than the usual centimeter, centimeter and a half that the experts indicate in the monthly average. A few tips and some home-made tips to have longer and stronger hair, without resorting to specific treatments that are destined to those who suffer from serious and health-related problems.

To improve the appearance of your hair, start with a good diet that not only facilitates your hair in the growth process, but your body to purify itself and to stay healthy.

Then we go into hair care in more detail:
-Choose a shampoo based on the type of hair and alternate it with a delicate one that does not contain substances such as formaldehyde, banned for its harmful effects, parabens, mea-dea-tea and surfactants. Always read the entire label;
– feed them with a mask that contains nutrients;
– foods and supplements based on calcium, iron, magnesium or mineral salts, which nourish the hair from the inside;
– massaging the scalp stimulates blood circulation and consequently the hair bulbs;
– do not attack the hair with hair dryer, plates and chemical treatments, brushes with natural fibers should always be preferred;
– brewer's yeast is considered to be a highly effective adjuvant: it is not harmful and is economical;
– prefer to products already "finished" a mild soap to which you add argan, olive oil and coconut, sweet almond, grape seeds, wheat germ: they will be more effective than industrial ones.

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