How to have natural red hair with tint

How to have natural red hair with tint

Natural red hair is difficult to achieve with dye: here are some tips and how to do it

Everyone sooner or later dreams of having natural red hair, but the perfect shade is difficult to achieve. There are many products on the market that can give a natural touch to your hair, but to obtain a natural effect it is not so simple. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Natural red hair: shades always in vogue

Natural red hair represents a very fascinating genetic rarity that many want to replicate by means of dyes. Only in Italy red hair appears in 0.58% of cases, but it is highly sought after for the elegance and particularity that red has. The rarity of this hair color is why everyone at least once in their life wonders how to have red hair naturally. The colors available on the market are many and of different shades: from cherry colors tending to purple, to warm shades like copper up to intense versions such as mahogany. These colors are vibrant and alternative and never go out of style.

Only 2% of the world's population have natural red hair, while many more people dye their hair to obtain a bright color or with a natural effect. There are also many celebrities and famous people who present this color naturally or thanks to the colors. Some names? Julianne Moore, Jessica Chastain, Susan Sarandon, Emma Stone, Amy Adams, Lindsay Lohan, Miriam Leone and many others.

When to make the tint for natural red hair

To get natural red hair it can be important to know the lunar calendar. Thanks to this calendar, in fact, it is possible to understand when to cut and dye the hair in order to obtain more lasting results. Moon phases have been shown to affect hair growth as well as cellular activity. If you want to make the tint, you must pay attention that during the moon phase, the growth is faster after cutting or the color, for this it is advisable to do it in the waning moon.

Natural red hair: how to make it the right color

How to have red hair naturally? There is no other way than to use a hair dye. However, to dye natural red hair and obtain a unique effect it is essential to know your starting color. The red shades can in fact guarantee different effects depending on their natural color. As with many colors, if you want a lighter color than your own, it is not advisable to do a DIY color. In order to obtain a lighter color, it is necessary to make a discoloration that can damage and ruin the hair a lot, especially if already treated. The advice is therefore to aim for a darker color than your own or to keep your base and obtain a natural result.

For example, to change from a brown color to a bright copper, a discoloration may be required, but to change from a brown to dark mahogany it is sufficient to make the tint to obtain an optimal result. If you have white hair it is not advisable to use a natural red hair dye as the light hat can react differently and the result obtained can be carrot or uneven. For those who have blond or light hair the result is a clear tone but with reflections that enhance the light complexion or light eyes.

Often in the back of the tint package there are some illustrative images capable of showing a possible effect of the tint depending on your natural color. To know how to have red hair naturally, you must therefore take advantage of this feature of your hair, accepting the shades and shades obtained on its basis.

Natural red hair: types of colors available

With hair dyes you need to know how to make the color at home to get a color as natural as possible. There are many types of dyes for natural red hair and they are divided into two categories: permanent and temporary. The former guarantee a duration of months, while the latter wash off with shampoos and can last from a few days to a month. There are also many natural alternatives available, based on 100% organic or naturally occurring dyes. The best known is henna which is capable of giving natural red reflections.

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