How to hide bacon: the right look

How to hide bacon: the right look

If you are unable to lose weight, go to floor B: camouflage your belly with the right clothing

If you really can't lose those extra pounds that weigh down your waist, go to floor B: disguise your belly by dressing in the right way, taking advantage of the laws of optical illusion without too many sacrifices at the table and without efforts in the gym.

The first rule is: no to tight clothes. Needless to point out the love handles with tight blouses (worse if synthetic), and tight-fitting pants, which are low-waisted: your bacon would immediately catch the eye. The same goes for linen: if the bra is too tight and highlights the sausages that are seen through the shirt, well now is the time to change it and choose the right size. As for briefs, better those with seams that do not mark or point on the underwear.

Yes to cigarette trousers and leggings, if you have thin legs, to choose if possible with a high waist. Yes, even to a neckline, if you have beautiful breasts: the best is the V-neck, which throws the silhouette. Yes to empire-style dresses and blouses, which mask roundness. We recommend jackets and cardigans that cover the hips, perfect for mid-season or when the air conditioning is too high at work. A nice pair of heeled shoes and your look will be perfect.

Prefer dark colors rather than light ones and between the prints, even if it is summer, abolish the marine style horizontal lines: only vertical ones are allowed.

The masterful touch will then be the showy bijoux (necklaces, earrings) that you will wear, to divert attention from the parts with too much flab and concentrate all eyes on a shiny décolleté or on the face.

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