How to increase self-esteem: exercises, tips and strategies

How to increase self-esteem: exercises, tips and strategies

Useful tips and exercises to develop a solid basis of self-esteem towards your person


  • The value of self-esteem
  • 3 exercises to increase self-esteem
  • Tips and strategies for gaining self-esteem

The value of self-esteem

The estimate corresponds to the value, the evaluation of oneself / and. Think of something that also has material value, a price, a cost, a labor time. What value would you give yourself today? Answering this question depends on many factors but the relevant ones are rarely external and this must always be remembered. The source of self-esteem remains internal and certainly depends a lot on the family experience and situation. But the point of departure and arrival lies within us.

It is thought that being very selfish can increase self-esteem, but often the opposite is true. By comparing ourselves with others we go to rethink the way we think about it and by maintaining a good open mind we are able to change, grow, improve our value. The path to increasing one's self-esteem represents a wonderful path towards self-knowledge. All the judgments we give ourselves depend on paths that are triggered within our mind. The mind represents a filter, very different from sensation. By returning to feel, we can regain self-esteem. This news has an excellent implication: we can actually build our self-esteem through precise cognitive processes.

3 exercises to increase self-esteem

Let's find out 3 simple exercises that allow you to increase self-esteem immediately and also quite quickly:

Keep smiling

Forcing yourself to smile for at least 10 seconds has an immediate effect on the brain and mood in general. To crown the exercise, you should look in the mirror while doing it. Observe yourself, prolong your training and you will slowly find yourself feeling that you like your smile, it gives you courage, energy and value.

List of milestones

Make a small list also in a special notebook. What goals have you achieved, what goals, what goals, what goals you have nourished, what results have you excited. Be honest and if a smile arises as you write them, go back to the first exercise and practice it again. It is a virtuous circle towards self-love.

Plan altruistic actions

Believe it or not, self-esteem grows by giving to others. Not with expectation or desire for results, but with planning, listening to intuition and going to connect with what represents the real need of the other, not with what we believe. We listen to the words, we understand the details. Being present while the other person is speaking is a great gift. And our value soars, even peace in the heart.

Tips and strategies for gaining self-esteem

Here are some tips and strategies to increase self-esteem and keep it high:

Sweep the grievance away

Complaining, clinging to stagnant visions, letting oneself be drowned out by one's own comments on things. Complaint triggers states that don't do well. This does not mean keeping everything inside, it takes the right balance. But unfortunately the complaint is something contagious, it affects and crushes. Complaint does not correspond to taking care of oneself and in no way helps us to welcome ourselves and others.

Trust all sides of you

Trusting means automatically increasing self-esteem. This applies to internal conditions that we like and conditions that we understand and accept less. For example, there are parts of us that we dislike and that have to do with the way we express emotions such as anger and it becomes difficult to love each other when we dislike ourselves in relation to feelings that are socially feared. Love the individual you are. When angry, sad, misunderstood. Also trust the angry, sad, and so on parts of you. Trust me. And welcome your many forms.

External events remain such

Pay attention to it: when someone breaks up, it is said that the love life is in ruins. It reverses the perspective: if that thing doesn't happen, it doesn't have to be bad, on the contrary it opens the perspective to something unknown. The same goes for when you have problems or lose your job. Of course, if you have been together for a long time, if you have worked in the same place for a long time then it becomes difficult, undeniable. The resource remains within and we have the power to turn any external event in our favor. Feeding courage makes self-esteem fly to levels from which, fortunately, it becomes difficult to get off.

Unmasking self-sabotage

Key word in the context of self-esteem topics, self-sabotage means going to ruin any situation for fear – conscious or not – of not deserving it. And there are strong insecurities, this happens. "I am with x even if I do not like it aesthetically as I know that if I put myself with someone who attracts me I would end up losing him / her", this type of thoughts are highly self-sabotaging and do not feed enthusiasm or courage but they leave us in our area of perennial dissatisfaction. Another example: going to an interview feeling inside that the result is not achieved. That feeling is often just the result of a series of repeated and highly demotivating thought patterns.

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