How to keep the tan after the holidays

How to keep the tan after the holidays

Keeping a summer tan is certainly one of the biggest problems of any woman returning from vacation. Read this article to find out how

Maintaining a tan is necessary to feel good, to be on horseback, to please men and so on. There are many reasons why a large part of the female audience always tries to keep the color of their skin intact. And there are various precautions to pay attention to to keep the color of your skin intact for longer. Most of the women have probably already heard of it, for others, instead it will be completely unique and exclusive information. As, probably, the readers of this article are already imagining, it is possible to maintain the tan longer thanks to the knowledge of the chemical and biological mechanisms that regulate the cell division and the supply of various substances to the skin. And it is no coincidence that one of the greatest tips for keeping your tan intact is to pay attention to your nutrition.

In general, dermatologists recommend eating a lot of fruit and vegetables with a high content of a substance called beta-carotene, which, in addition to influencing the absorption and levels of vitamin C, is also directly linked to the melanin cycle. In particular, the vegetables to eat frequently are broccoli, tomatoes, artichokes, cucumbers, carrots, celery, aubergines and many others. For those who want to keep the tan, fruits that contain vitamin C, as well as beta carotene, should be consumed. Lemons, oranges, grapefruits, therefore, in addition to melons, strawberries, cherries and apricots. More generally, dermatologists recommend eating yellow and orange vegetables, feeding on dried or red fruit, dressing salads with olive oil and eating other substances with vitamins B and E.

Absolutely not to neglect the water, since the cells of our skin depend a lot on the water level in the body. If the tissues of the skin do not have the water necessary to maintain their vital functions, they should draw on melanin reserves. The latter is a protein responsible for the chromaticity of human skin, and if its concentration would decrease, the color of the perfect tan would also disappear. Doctors recommend drinking at least two liters of water a day. Preferably, smooth water should be drunk. If, however, this is not available in the immediate vicinity, or if you are tired of drinking only plain water, you could prepare some herbal tea or an herbal infusion. Herbs often have invigorating substances inside.

These are released in the herbal tea or infusion and in addition to helping to keep the human skin hydrated, they also play a toning action. The same goes for the external contribution of water to the skin. If you want to keep your tan, we recommend taking at least one shower or bath per day. Alternatively, you could water your skin, leaving the drops of water on the surface of the skin for some time. The skin has the ability to absorb water, which thus comes into contact with the deeper layers of the epidermis. Being able to use water, the cells of some layers do not draw on melanin while maintaining the color of the fabric. Speaking of skin hydration, it should not be forgotten that well-hydrated skin is more sensitive to sunlight. For this reason, it will be easier to keep the tan even in the city.

Together with showers or watering the skin, moisturizers can be used. On the market of cosmetic substances they are found in different versions, from the most moisturizing to the weaker ones. Every woman must know how to choose the right moisturizer based on what her needs are. The cosmetic product is to be applied every time after a shower or a bath and their effectiveness in maintaining the color of the tan has been widely demonstrated. Before applying the moisturizer, it is recommended to carry out a skin care process that involves the elimination of dead cells, promoting cell turnover on the skin surface. This is because old cells become detached and could damage good ones, which would thus lose color.

Better to avoid, right? In any case, during this phase of epidermal care, care must be taken not to use too aggressive detergents, as they may also take away the cells that are still alive. Better than light and delicate oils, perhaps based on aloe vera or shea butter. The beneficial action of both of the two substances has never been doubted in the scientific world. The elimination of dead cells should be performed simultaneously with gentle massages on the skin, which help to tone the massaged area by promoting cell turnover. If you want to keep your tan using even the most radical methods, then a good idea would be to visit a beauty center, where you can undergo the light of tanning lamps. Without pulling the rope too much, you can have an excellent conservation effect.

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