How to lighten dark underarms: the most effective remedies

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Find out how to lighten your armpits quickly with safe and effective DIY natural remedies to make the dark halo disappear

Dark marks in the armpits are a very common problem and the causes can be many. Do not worry, however, unless they are spots to be treated dermatologically, it is easy to lighten the armpits in a short time with natural do-it-yourself remedies at home and above all without risks. Bleaching your armpits quickly is possible by following these tips but, above all, by abandoning some bad habits and understanding how to prevent dark halos in the armpits.

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  • Dark halos in the armpits: main and frequent causes
  • How to lighten your armpits in no time with natural do-it-yourself remedies
  • Whitening your armpits with baking soda is one of the most effective remedies
  • To whiten your armpits quickly, use lemon
  • Whitening your armpits with hydrogen peroxide is not a good idea
  • It is always best to prevent the dark underarm halo

Dark halos in the armpits: main and frequent causes

First of all, to know how to whiten the armpits in a short time it is necessary to know the causes of dark halos in the armpits. They are often a forgotten area where just a little deodorant is passed, but no cream or scrub is ever applied. Indeed, it is an area that is often only subjected to hair removal. These are precisely the causes that lead to the formation of these dark halos.

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Choose a more delicate hair removal, do not do it too frequently, especially if you use the razor and try to reduce the use of deodorant. If you are afraid of bad smell, it is better to wash your armpits more frequently than to apply and reapply the deodorant often, which should be used only when needed. In some cases, however, the dark halos under the armpits are caused by excessive sweating and, in this case, it is better to consult a dermatologist to evaluate together how to proceed.

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How to lighten your armpits in no time with natural do-it-yourself remedies

The first thing to do to lighten the armpits in a short time with natural and safe remedies is to perform regular exfoliation also in that area. In fact, just like on the rest of the body, the dead cells create a more gray layer that makes the armpit area almost always covered except for the summer months and in any case always damp because folded in on itself, even more prone to dark halos.

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You can choose a gentle exfoliant by purchasing it online or in perfumery, but making a body scrub at home is really very easy and cheap. To lighten the armpits, therefore, make a scrub by mixing coarse salt combined with olive oil or honey, or alternatively use sugar, to make it more delicate but above all make it flow better. In this way the skin will be softer and the accumulated dead cells, as well as more aggressive deodorant residues, will be removed. Do the scrub no more than once or twice a week though, to avoid irritating the area.

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Another remedy to whiten your armpits if you don’t have too dark halos is to make compresses with yogurt. Before taking a shower, apply a spoonful of plain yogurt under each armpit, let it act for 20 minutes and then rinse. It is a method that you can use often because it has no contraindications and, on the contrary, will make the skin of the armpits very soft. However, if you need to eliminate a very dark underarm halo, these remedies may not be enough and lemon and baking soda may be the most suitable solution for you.

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Whitening your armpits with baking soda is one of the most effective remedies

Whitening the armpits with baking soda is another of the most used techniques to remove dark halos. This is because not only does the baking soda have a lightening effect but it is also perfect for performing a light exfoliation. Just add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda with a little water and mix until you get a white and creamy paste. Apply it under the armpits, leave it on for 10/20 minutes and rinse with circular movements to also perform exfoliation. However, baking soda has a basic PH, so don’t use this remedy too frequently to avoid unbalancing it and irritating the skin. Also, if you feel burning when applying the newly created paste, rinse immediately.

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To whiten your armpits quickly, use lemon

Another natural ingredient that has a whitening action is lemon. Cut a slice of organic lemon or soak a wad with natural lemon juice, without additives and rub it under your armpits for a few minutes. Repeat the treatment every day or every other day until you see the dark halo disappear under the armpits. Also in this case, if you feel burning, stop the treatment immediately and rinse the area thoroughly.

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To make this lightening pack more delicate, soothing and moisturizing, you can combine lemon juice with honey, possibly not too liquid. Apply the mixture under the armpits, leave it on for about ten minutes and rinse with water and a mild detergent. If, on the other hand, you want to get a super lightening effect to whiten your armpits quickly, add the cucumber pulp to the honey and lemon mixture, which also has an antiseptic and purifying effect, perfect for controlling even bad odors.

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Whitening your armpits with hydrogen peroxide is not a good idea

There is a trend online to whiten armpits with hydrogen peroxide but it is a not so sure remedy that it would be better to put aside. It is true that hydrogen peroxide has a lightening effect but, even used at low volumes, it can contribute to strongly irritate the skin and be very aggressive, sensitizing the area. It is true that it disinfects wounds but better to avoid under the armpits, because it can weaken the skin barrier and alter the PH and bacteria naturally present on the skin, leading in the long run to more important problems than a simple dark halo under the armpits.

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It is always best to prevent the dark underarm halo

As always, prevention is better than cure and therefore after eliminating the dark halo under the armpits it is good to follow some advice to ensure that it does not return. First of all, pay attention to hair removal: the razor seems to be delicate but, having to go over it often, it can contribute to strongly irritate the skin and create a dark halo. To depilate the armpits it is better to choose waxing, even if it has its cons if not done correctly, because it could inflame the glands or cause ingrown hairs to appear that will make the armpits appear darker. The ideal would be to remove the hair with the laser which also has a whitening action for the skin.

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The sun, as always, is not our friend if we do not adequately protect the skin, including the armpits. When you expose yourself to the sun, spread abundant doses of sunscreen also under the armpits, remembering to apply it after each bath and above all more frequently, being an area that tends to sweat more.

Avoid using aggressive and alcohol-containing deodorants, especially when you expose yourself to the sun but not only. If you notice that the halo tends to return, change deodorant, there may be some substance that your skin does not tolerate. Also avoid antiperspirant deodorants, which could irritate the area and, whenever possible, leave your armpits free of any sweat products.

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