How to lose weight with Bach flowers: the advice of the naturopath


Show off a perfect physique by honoring opulent tables where the calculation of calories remains a completely abstract concept. It is everyone’s dream. The reality, however, is very different for most food lovers, who are constantly struggling with the scales. In the varied panorama of natural remedies and alternative therapies, valuable help comes from Bach flowers: they do not burn fat or eliminate toxins, but they work on an emotional level, giving serenity and determination. Here’s how they work and how to use them.

The drops for internal use

«Bach flowers, like those Australians, Tibetans or Sardinians, have a harmonizing function », explains Valentina Lo Giudice, naturopath in Turin. «They are bearers of qualities that respond to specific needs of the human soul. They act on the predominant emotions, which emerge like the tip of the iceberg ».

It is therefore necessary to understand what are the prevailing moods that prevent you from losing weight: anxiety, stress, sadness, a sense of loneliness… and then the remedy will be developed that can act on those emotional conditions. Usually, it begins with oral administration. The flower therapist can compose a cocktail containing several flowers to create the “personalized” bouquet that helps to overcome a discomfort. The flowers are usually taken several times a day and for a period of at least 3 weeks.

Bach flowers, local treatments

An increasingly popular practice is the use of Bach flowers in local treatments. “There are two main types: one is that developed by the German naturopath Dietmar Kramer: it consists in applying bandages in specific areas of the body. The other is the Flower Massage conceived about twenty years ago by the homeopath and psychotherapist Ermanno Paolelli. It consists of a full body massage with the use of a carrier oil. During the treatment one is led, through light and rhythmic touches, towards a deep relaxation, which allows the flowers to resonate with the person’s state of mind, harmonizing it », explains Valentina Lo Giudice.

«You lie down on the bed, covered by a cloth, and gradually the different areas of the legs, feet, arms, trunk and face are activated by the operator. The touches come from craniosacral massage, acupressure and anti-stress massage. A unique harmony is created between the operator and the recipient precisely because the flowers act on both at the same time ».

The massage lasts about 45 minutes and usually about ten sessions are recommended for optimal results.

The benefits of Bach flowers

«Flowers provide a new emotional boost to support the person. Also, with the touch of the massage, the levels are increased serotonin and endorphins that influence the sense of happiness and favor the abandonment of tensions. Usually the treatment is not associated with other remedies, but is part of a path in itself. Everyone is allowed to metabolize the positive vibrations that flowers contain without adding anything else, ”says the expert.

Flowers bring with them information with which our body will enter into communication with its own times, based on its ability to accommodate change.

Who are Bach flowers recommended for?

“Usually there are no contraindications the use of Bach flowers, not even in the form of massage. It is better to observe some extra caution during pregnancy, in the presence of significant psychological and physical problems or injuries: in this case the treatment should only be carried out under the control and supervision of the doctor », warns Valentina Lo Giudice.

“The people who can benefit most from it are those who are unable to lose weight due to stress or due to excessive loads of responsibility, loneliness or boredom, dissatisfaction in relationships or even unexpressed anger or lack of sleep”, concludes the expert.

How the remedies are divided

Bach flowers are preparations based on herbal ingredients that can be used individually or in combination, depending on the mood and individual needs. The remedies are 38 in all, grouped into 7 categorieseach corresponding to a prevailing feeling: fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in the present, loneliness, hypersensitivity to influences and ideas, discouragement, excessive concern for others.

Flowers useful for weight loss? Are so many. Crab applefor example, it is indicated to those who do not like themselves, Mustard when you overeat as a reaction to a sense of depression, anxiety and sadness.