How to lose weight with the Adamsky diet

If weight is a problem, the answer comes after years of research from the Adamsky diet, a food method that ensures 360-degree well-being.

After years of research, Dr. Adamsky has developed a diet that not only helps you lose weight, but serves to improve your health from all points of view. Calling it a diet actually seems a little reductive, given that the method is based on the principle that to appear fit one must be well "inside" and in this, the classic diets made of sacrifices seem to be useless. So let's try to understand what this food method consists of. Dr. Adamsky claims that his method would help solve many problems, from heaviness in the stomach to the most common skin ailments, to complications related to stress such as insomnia and joint pain. But how does it manage to obtain such incredible results? the principle behind it is simple: most of today's health problems are related to digestion and, if the digestive system has slowdowns then also the blood reduces the circulation speed, which involves the accumulation of toxins.

Fortunately, the solution is simple and does not concern, as one might think, the composition of the food rather concerns the association of foods. In fact, according to Adamsky, no food consumed without excess creates digestive problems. This can only be good news for those who are looking for a method to lose weight without having to give up their favorite dish. So what would be the solution of this diet? Operation is simpler than you might think, in fact, it is sufficient to avoid combining acidic foods with non-acidic foods.

Dr. Adamsky has cataloged the various foods in these 2 categories (acidic and non-acidic foods). The first category includes yogurt, fruit, aubergines, tomatoes, honey, peppers and pumpkin, among the non-acidic foods we find proteins, vegetables, dried fruit and carbohydrates. At this point it is very simple to put this method into practice, because everything is based on not taking the different types of food within the same meal. This would ensure continuity and fluidity for the management system which, along its 12 meters, will have to break down the food and assimilate its nutrients.

To give some examples, following this method, dishes such as pasta with tomato sauce become "harmful" and can be replaced by carbonara. It therefore seems good news for those who are trying to lose weight, although this method does not exclude a healthy and regular lifestyle, where physical activity and stress control are the determining factors for 360-degree well-being.


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