How to maintain the ideal weight: here are the tricks to not frustrate the diet

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If we have been on a diet and do not want to frustrate the efforts made, here are the tricks to maintain the ideal weight.

Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most complicated things that there are, especially if we tend to get fat. Also because after going on a diet and losing some pounds it is important not to frustrate all the efforts made.

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In fact, it can often be more difficult to maintain a healthy weight than to lose weight. That is why more attention is required at this stage. Sometimes small things are enough to ruin months and months of hard work.

Let’s find out then the tricks to maintain a healthy weight and not frustrate the diet: here are the useful tips that will save our lives.

Here are the tricks for maintaining a healthy weight

After dieting and losing several kilos, the goal is to maintain a healthy weight. All efforts once we have reached our ideal weight will then have to concentrate in this direction.

maintain weight

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Many are wrong by relying on too restrictive diets causing a slowdown in metabolism, all this leads us to regain the weight, even with the interests, once we loosen the rope.

Others have a wrong mindset by giving up before they start. And finally, instead of following good habits, many are forbidden to consume certain foods thinking that they make you fat, think of pasta or carbohydrates in general, which instead dosed in the right quantities should never be missing in a diet healthy and balanced.

Here then it becomes necessary to follow some tricks fundamental for the maintaining a healthy weight. Let’s find out what they are.

1) Exercise regularly. We do nothing but repeat it but thinking of having a fit body without sports is practically impossible. Exercising regularly and according to your possibilities is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. Indeed, if we have reached our ideal weight this does not mean that we must stop practicing sports, even more so we must continue so as not to frustrate the efforts made. According to the WHO, an adult should have at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week to be healthy. To keep the metabolism active not only aerobic activity, but it is also recommended to do toning in order to increase muscle mass.

2) Get protein. They are essential because they give a sense of satiety and stimulate the metabolism. Already from breakfast we should introduce them by taking a yogurt, in particular the Greek one is rich in it, but also milk, or eggs if we prefer a salty breakfast.

3) Avoid cheating. Very often they tend to be made during the weekend. So in order not to frustrate the efforts we make during the week even during the weekend, we avoid making too many mistakes, perhaps allowing ourselves a few too many aperitifs or more portions of desserts.

4) Have regular meals. Skipping meals is a common mistake many make when thinking about losing weight. So let’s try to be regular in meals and to consume the classic 5 meals a day, with the two snacks so as not to arrive hungry at the main meals.

5) Get enough sleep. Another trick to maintaining your ideal weight is getting the right amount of sleep. If we do not do this, the levels of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates appetite, increase, while leptin, which is the one that regulates the sense of satiety, is reduced. In this way our appetite will also increase and so will our body weight.

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