How to make up big and round eyes

How to make up big and round eyes

Big eyes with a rounded shape prefer a make-up that visually lengthens them: here's how to make it workmanlike

The eyes, as we know, are the mirror of the soul and the large and round ones are among the most envied and desired by hundreds of women, so much so that many are often looking for the ideal make-up to visually enlarge their eyes. Expressive and magnetic, the big eyes give the face a sweet, super feminine and sophisticated look but, to make the most of them, you need to choose the right make-up.

In fact, make-up is a valid ally whether you want to highlight the size of your eyes even more or if you are looking for a good method to have a visually smaller and elongated eye. Find out in this practical guide how to make up big eyes to have a dream look and capture attention.


  • How to make up big eyes
  • Highlight the big eyes
  • Big round eye makeup: how to visually lengthen them
  • Eyeliner and pencil: the perfect allies for making up big eyes
  • Make up big eyes according to the color

How to make up big eyes

If looking straight at you in front of the mirror you notice that a small white portion of the eyeball remains under the iris, it means that you fall into the category of those who have beautiful large and round eyes. While it should be a boast, for many women, big, round eyes are sometimes a discomfort. However, by learning how to make up correctly, it is possible to give intensity to the look, correcting the shape and adjusting any disproportions and irregularities. So here are the tips, tricks and tips to create a dream big eye make-up.

Highlight the big eyes

For those who want to highlight even more big and round eyes, the trick is to play with light and dark shades, applying the eyeshadow in the crease of the eye and at the lash line. In this case, just apply a light shade eye shadow over the entire mobile eyelid and create a slight cut crease, a very clear line that cuts the crease of the eye horizontally, using a darker shade.

This graphic make-up allows you to resize the contour of the mobile eyelid. In fact, by slightly raising the line it is possible to visually enlarge the eyes even more, opening the gaze, or on the contrary, lowering it, it will give the eye a more elongated effect.

Once the shade has been created, you can highlight the area near the lash line using a pencil or eyeliner. As a finishing touch, a lengthening and volumizing mascara will highlight your big eyes even more. The secret for an even more open and luminous look is to use a butter-colored or otherwise clear pencil inside the lower line.

If you have large eyes but cannot say the same about your eyelids, you can highlight them by blending a dark-toned eyeshadow just above the crease of the eye and applying a lighter eye shadow on the mobile eyelid. This chiaroscuro technique allows you to create a depth effect making the eyelid appear more visible and enhancing the gaze.

Big round eye makeup: how to visually lengthen them

Smokey eyes big eyes

Although they are very beautiful, not all women want to make their big eyes stand out even more but, on the contrary, they dream of a more elongated eye. In this case, a not too heavy smokey eye is the perfect choice for those who want to optically lengthen the eye, focusing attention on the corners.

For this make-up it would be ideal to use dark and opaque eyeshadows that allow you to intensify the look and, at the same time, make it smaller. On the other hand, eyeshadows that are too bright should be avoided as this would have the opposite effect. To create smokey eyes that give your large eyes a more elongated and sensual shape, you will need a flat brush with which to apply the eyeshadow on the mobile eyelid, covering it entirely.

Once you have completed this first step, you will need a blending brush to perfectly blend the umbrella, creating the smokey effect. To obtain a sensual and intense cat eye, apply a gel eye liner to create a thin line up to the outside of the eye. Finally, don't forget mascara as a finishing touch!

To emphasize the look more, avoiding the dark effect and to visually make the eye even more elongated, you can create a light point with the help of a highlighter or by applying a shimmer eyeshadow under the arch of the eyebrows and in the duct area. lacrimal. For the light points, prefer light colors such as white, ivory, gold or champagne.

Eyeliner and pencil: the perfect allies for making up big eyes

Big eye eyeliner

Eyeliner and pencil must be used carefully when you have small eyes and are often difficult to apply since there is not much space to draw lines and create shapes. For those with large eyes, on the other hand, the dark pencil and eyeliner are the perfect allies to emphasize the lashline and make the eye visually longer, thus creating a sensual and provocative look.

If you have round and protruding eyes and you want to soften these features, you can create a very thin line of eyeliner that perfectly follows the line of your lashes. You can also be daring by creating arrows that go outwards that will give you a dream look. In this case it is important to make them look symmetrical, a difficult operation given the asymmetry of our face.

For the most inexperienced hands it will be frustrating at first, but with a little patience and training, creating a perfect eyeliner line can be very rewarding. Those who are not very familiar with this particular cosmetic can start with a pen eyeliner, really very easy to use and apply.

Even kajal and black pencil are perfect allies to make up big eyes, highlighting the merits and mitigating the defects. Again, just draw a line that frames the upper part of the eyes, emphasizing lashes. Furthermore, by applying the black pencil in the lower rim you can visually reduce the eye while emphasizing the iris.

For large eyes it is advisable to apply the pencil even slightly outside the final part of the eye, blending the line well with the help of a blending brush. Another trick for those who want to slightly attenuate their big eyes, avoiding to enlarge their eyes even more with make-up, is to not apply mascara on the lower lashes, instead focusing more on the corners of the upper lashes. In this way the eye will be smaller and also much more elongated.

Make up big eyes according to the color

When you are looking for the perfect make-up to enhance your eyes, not only the shape and size of the eye counts, but also the color of the iris. In fact, some colors may be perfect for large and brown eyes, but not perfectly matched with a green-toned iris. So let's see what are the perfect make-up for big eyes, also taking into account the color.

Makeup for big and green eyes

Green eye makeup

Green eyes are highlighted especially if cold-colored eyeshadows such as purple, lilac, purple, plum, pink, burgundy, burgundy, but also shades such as brick or different shades of brown are used. Following the color wheel, among all the colors listed above it is certainly purple (and all its variations) that particularly enhances the green-toned eyes being its complementary color. Whether it's an eyeshadow, a pencil or a colored eyeliner, purple will make your green eyes beautiful and magnetic. For an evening make-up that's just what it takes!

For the day, the best friends of green eyes are shades like terracotta or dark gray, which can also be paired together to create interesting shades. While for a special and glamorous make-up you can play with gold and bronze colors.

On the other hand, green, blue and light blue should be avoided or used carefully, which risk making your eye color appear dull and not highlighting them. All the colors listed go very well with green eyes, but if you have big green eyes and you don't want to make them look even bigger it is always better to avoid too light shades of color and use the light-dark technique seen above or a makeup. smokey eye.

Makeup for big and brown eyes

Brown eye makeup

Instead, let's see how to make up big brown eyes. You can also use the color wheel to find out which shades are best for brown eyes. The complementary colors that will best emphasize the shades of the brown iris are: brown, green, midnight blue or dark purple.

The basic rule always applies that light shades tend to visually enlarge the eye, while darker ones reduce it, at the same time giving depth to the eye. It is therefore up to you to choose the tones you prefer based on the effect you want to achieve. Among the make-up choices to avoid for those with large, brown eyes, there is certainly the use of a beige or pastel-colored pencil to be used within the lower eye rim. Better to opt for the classic black or brown pencil, to be faded outwards for a magnetic look.

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