How to make up brown eyes? The secret to enhance them is blue

How to make up brown eyes? The secret to enhance them is blue

Did you ever say that the best color to bring out brown eyes is blue? From blue to midnight blue, here's how to make them up

Well yes, the color that most enhances brown eyes is blue, in all its nuances. Don't worry though, for you lovers of neutral looks or for those who, with colored eyeshadows, just can't see each other. The methods to add a pinch of this shade to your makeup are really many and some not too whimsical.

A blue smokey eyes is what is needed to catalyze attention on brown eyes, because blue, in the color wheel, is opposite to brown. Here then that using a shade of this type helps to bring out the brilliance of dark eyes, making them more magnetic and bright. Don't worry though, it is not necessarily necessary to use electric or bright blue to highlight brown eyes! For example, it will be sufficient to use a midnight blue to create a dark and intense smokey eyes, to be used instead of the classic black. Again, try to choose a powder blue or cerulean blue, cobalt or persia blue, shades brighter but less bright than a pure or electric blue.

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A blue pencil is enough to illuminate and turn on the gaze

If you are not used to making very intense makeup like a smokey eyes, to turn on the look if you have brown eyes it is enough to give just a touch of color. For example, using a blue pencil to blend along the upper ciliary line, to give definition to the look in a more natural way or to blend, lengthening the stroke outwards, for a shaded eye-liner. Or, try to apply the pencil in the internal ciliary rhyme, also combining it with a very natural make-up and have fun playing with the different shades, also choosing more bright and shiny, saturated pencils, to give just a touch of color and revive the look without creating too excessive or too colorful makeup.

Not only blue: here are the shades to combine with this color

In addition to smokey eyes, you can have fun creating any other type of makeup by combining and combining blue with other colors, not to always create the usual look or to always create new combinations. A well balanced color combo, for example, is that of blue and brown: blend a medium brown in the crease of the eye, spreading the edges with a clean brush so as not to create detachments of color, then place the blue, perhaps metallic or with bright pearls, all over the mobile eyelid, blurring the point where the two colors meet. The possible combinations are really many, from the most imaginative, such as blue and fuchsia or blue and orange, to the more tone-on-tone ones, such as blue and teal, but also with more intense shades of green such as forest green or even the Violet.

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Are natural-toned makeup suitable for brown eyes?

If, however, the idea of ​​using blue in makeup just doesn't suit you because you are a fan of neutral colors, face powder, beige, browns and browns, in reality these are not totally excluded. In fact, they will tend not to emphasize the natural color of your eyes by contrast, but on the contrary they will harmonize with the color of the iris, creating a sweet, soft and monochromatic look effect. Seeing is believing!

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