How to make up green eyes: tips and inspirations

A rare color that must be enhanced with an unmistakable make-up. Here’s how to make them even more beautiful

Making up green eyes could be simple, but we must take into account some variables that are not always taken into consideration. Green eyes are very rare, in fact, only 2% of the world population can boast them. Their color is given by a low amount of melanin in the iris. Not only. They change according to the time, more than any other color and can be enriched with shades of every kind: from gray to blue, from aqua green to purple, from bronze to yellow. To wear makeup with style … do you really have to look good in your eyes and then look out the window: sun, rain or clouds?

The general rule is the one that comes to us from science: the opposites on the color wheel are those that create contrast, while the neighboring colors are those with which it harmonizes. So if you want to enhance the beauty of your eyes with contrast, you can choose between red, orange and purple. There are many gradations to choose from, from lilac to mauve, from red to crimson, from bronze to rust, but remember that to give depth to the look, it is better to favor warm colors (as Rihanna did in the photo). If you choose a red “blood” your gaze will become very cold and glacial: choose it when you want to look “harder”.

If instead your choice is “harmonize”, you can opt for lime green, dark green or aqua green: better choose it from the shade closest to the color of your iris. If you don’t like powders, or you wear glasses or need a smart make-up, just get a pencil or mascara of the most decisive colors listed above and you’re done.

Among the colors, a note: the gray gives green eyes, but it must be firm and bright. An anthracite gray for a smokey eye is perfect, and a light pearly gray with a touch of eyeliner is fine (like Angelina Jolie in this photo). Avoid the slightly foggy gray without any particularity or silver, as they would not enhance your color.

Green eyes are also perfect for the nude: just a primer for the eyes, champagne or powder to smooth the eyelid and black mascara is enough (see Emma Stone in the picture). Superb and certainly trendy. The most common mistake? That of using colors that are too delicate and pastel shades that are not really suitable for the green iris: they flatten and make it opaque.

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