How to make your children fall in love with Italian and reading?

How to make your children fall in love with Italian and reading?

Help your children with the #Mammacheconta parenting guides full of useful ideas and practical advice to make them fall in love with Italian and reading

Support your children in the study of Italian and help them become passionate about reading with the #Mammacheconta guides! Discover many useful tips and practical ideas to improve your children’s relationship with the Italian language.

For many boys and girls, the study of Italian represents an uphill journey. In their eyes, in fact, grammar is a useless set of rules that can be learned through mnemonic and exhausting exercises and not even reading is now an amusement to play in my free time: “I read all day at school”, “but I’m done with do your homework ”can be familiar phrases for you.

Yet have you ever researched the cause? “Leisure” and “reading” are often perceived as opposing concepts: if the former is linked to free time away from student duties, the latter is seen as an activity relegated to the school context only.

So how can we remove this destructive approach to the study of Italian and reading? As a parent you can adopt very effective practical strategies on a daily basis.

How to do? Follow the advice provided by the Redooc #Mammacheconta guides, simple indications, accompanied by practical and concrete examples, which will offer you many ideas to introduce your children to Italian and to reading.

It shows that knowledge of Italian increases interpersonal skills

Have you ever made your children think about the role of language in building new relationships and friendships? It is precisely after a long chat, or an afternoon of laughter that we discover our affinities with others and deepen our friendships. He also explains to them that good persuasive skills also come from a good knowledge of the language. In concrete terms? It is only through good rhetoric that your children can get the better of fights, get out of punishment unscathed, or earn pocket money!

Make it clear that reading is not a duty, but a passion to be cultivated

When you read, there are no medical prescriptions to follow, no passions of series A and series B. The last season of their favorite series on Netflix or reading a great classic? The two pastimes are not in competition: there are many TV series that draw inspiration from a book, and there are not only “bricks” of hundreds of pages. Look for readings that are close to your children’s passions: from comics to detective stories, from recipe books to sports biographies, you can even play with books.

A gym for all tastes

The #mammacheconta guides favor an unconventional and creative approach to studying. helps students, from primary to 2nd grade secondary school, in difficulty with Italian thanks to interactive exercises explained and video lessons that combine stories with concrete examples, through a language within the reach of children and stimuli ” unconventional pops: advice for reading, viewing and listening.

Each post is also accompanied by the relative audio reading in the form of video or with the help of the Text to Speech, also convenient for students with reading difficulties. Added to this is the possibility to choose the type of font with which to use the lessons and related texts. The platform offers the possibility to customize the font to increase accessibility even for pupils with SLD.

An example? Browse the section of Reading and comprehension tests for lower secondary students: each piece deals with a relevant topic, from bullying to the environmental crisis; a light way to allow students to personally interface with current issues. And if the reading is to their liking, you can offer them the book from which it is taken!

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