How to manage curly hair with bangs

How to manage curly hair with bangs

Curly bangs? Why not! Discover the types of fringes suitable for every face shape, even if you have curly hair

Curly hair remains among the trends of this 2020 among the longest-lived. Even the fringe never goes out of fashion, yet with wavy hair it becomes more complicated to manage and imagine it on your face. Don't worry: the curly fringe is manageable and perfect for different types of faces! The curly fringe in fact stands out in particular the regular faces and the angular ones, making the facial features softer.

If your face is square, for example, you can choose a fringe divided into two sections that soften the features of the forehead. But the curly fringe is also good for a more rounded face, as long as you use a side one, to create volume and sinuosity. Finally, if you have a small face, better the light and thin fringe, with some tufts that fall on the forehead. Let's see 3 practical examples to manage curly hair with bangs!

Bangs on long curly hair

Curly hair with long bangs


The bangs on long curly hair manages to streamline the face. The “problem” with curly hair is that they can make a round face even more rounded. To pull it off, curly hair should be medium to long in length (at least at the base of the neck). In this case, the bangs can be an additional detail that will elongate the face even more. It is therefore better to avoid short and dense fringes, orienting yourself towards rather long fringes, better if light and parades. To make the face acquire three-dimensionality, the curly fringe on this cut must be worn open with a curtain. In general, therefore, a fringe that is thinner and parade is better, to be highlighted in its naturalness.

Bangs on short curly hair

Short curly hair with bangs


Short curly hair with bangs? Then the fringe must be worn to the side, otherwise the risk is of a too 80s effect. The fringe thus becomes a lateral tuft that usually includes an uncovered forehead. In this way it creates dynamism to the look, but to do so it must be cut lightly, that is, pulled out along the lengths. If, on the other hand, you have a medium cut, avoid a fringe that is too thick or short, better a longer and parade to wear on one side. What if the hair doesn't have defined curls but is wavy and loose? Bangs and wavy hair can find the right compromise: green light to smooth the bangs, the only case in which it is allowed to use the straightener by working it on small locks, in a somewhat messy way. The final effect will be very casual and urban chic. Open at the center it is recommended for medium length hair and faces that are not round but angular and square.

Tips for managing curly bangs

When choosing the type of curly fringe you must also consider its management after going to the hairdresser. If you want to get a natural curly fringe effect, you need to apply a specific foam for the curls and let the hair dry in the air, or with a hairdryer and diffuser. During drying you should avoid opening the locks, better wait until the hair is completely dry to give a shake with the head starting with the head down. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more constructed curly fringe, you can style the damp locks with a taming cream and dry your hair with a hairdryer without a nozzle. At this point you can finish the fringe with the conical iron that allows you to smooth it out in a soft way. The plate should be avoided because it would get a rather fake rigid effect.

Products to use for curly bangs

To tame the curls it is always good to use a foam that compacts them, a product that fights the wrinkling action of humidity, to avoid a "poodle" effect. In addition to styling products, to be applied to damp hair, once the styling is complete you can spray an anti-frizz and illuminating spray.
In general, there are several products that you can use to keep curly bangs at bay, depending on the effect you want to achieve:

  • A moisturizing hair cream protects them from the heat of modeling irons and tames frizz (should be applied to damp hair)
  • A spray with an ultra-light formula and argan oil gives brightness to the hair (apply at the end of the fold)
  • A spray that revives curls with vegetable polymers envelops the hair fiber to keep them flexible, controlling the effects of moisture on the hair, preventing it from wrinkling (used on both wet and dry hair)

You can always ask your hairdresser for advice on the best products to ensure a beauty salon result!

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