How to mask small breasts

How to mask small breasts

How to increase breasts

Is your concern the small breast? No problem. Just choose the right accessories and clothes to mask it. To get started, focus on jewelry. Take two necklaces of different colors and wrap them around your neck, so that they fall softly on the décolleté. The more the necklaces are lively and visible, the more you will divert attention from your less accentuated breasts.

The bra will be a precious ally of the small breasts, so we recommend you choose the model and shape that best enhances you, from the push-up to the balcony to the padding.

Yes to deep necklines, such as V-necks. Choose clothes that highlight the waistline (like slimming the waistline), so that your small breasts will look more important. Ok to ruffles and drapes, ring necklines. Yes to the bustier, whether in a dress version (maybe sheath dress) or a top, because it shifts attention to the shoulders: in winter you can show it off over a turtleneck or a white shirt, or by putting a cardigan on it. The same goes for American-style necklines.

If this were not enough here are some tips to increase the breast with the right foods and how to give volume to the décolleté without resorting to the scalpel.

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