How to match the squares (without looking like a tablecloth)

How to match the squares (without looking like a tablecloth)

Some idea of ​​a themed look with no risk of a picnic placemat!

How cute are the squares? Oh, I know, not everyone likes them, because the risk is a bit like looking like a picnic placemat, as Arianna wrote me! Still, the way to wear this fantasy in a gritty way is there. Let's see some look tips together!

How to match the squares: premise

As with all fantasies, keep this in mind: small squares shrink, large squares and squares enlarge. Another thing: fantasy tends to attract attention, so place it on the part of the body that is your strong point. Orient yourself with these optical effects in mind when choosing your favorite checkered garment.

How to match the squares

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How to match the squares: revisited classic

How to make a classic rock? Sdrammatizzandolo. Dare to bold touches, such as leather and denim, or alternative accessories such as mignon bags or mules that you would see under a suit. Personally, I love the mix with raffia and straw, but here the risk of picnics is around the corner, I admit it!

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How to match the squares: not just the classics

The squares do not exist only on a white background in red, black or blue: they can also be colored! Here the picnic risk is practically zeroed. Match the rest of your clothes with the colors of your fantasy, but try not to overdo it. If in doubt, stay on up to three colors in total in your look.

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How to match the squares: the accessories

For those who want to start wearing checks, but still don't feel ready to buy a dress, blouse or trousers, then the ideal is to start with accessories. A bag, a hat or even a pair of shoes: they will be the focus of your look and will help you get used to this fantasy gradually! I only have one recommendation: watch out because the squares are addictive!

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