How to organize the perfect beauty bag to touch up your makeup and more

How to organize the perfect beauty bag to touch up your makeup and more

How many times would you like to touch up your makeup but you don't have what you need? Here's how to organize a beauty to always carry in your handbag

Many times you have happened to go out for lunch or dinner and want to touch up your lipstick because it smudged in the center or on the lip contour but, alas, you realize that you have not brought it with you. Or looking in the mirror you notice that you are particularly shiny in the T zone but, in addition to dabbing with a handkerchief, you cannot refresh the base because you do not have the necessary with you. To avoid forgetting useful products and accessories outside the home, the ideal is to create a small and compact handbag beauty case, in which to insert the essentials for retouching makeup, but not only. In this way, you just need to move the beauty bag at every change of bag to always have the essentials for face, hair and hands with you, always in order, in any situation.


The products for retouching makeup

The passe-partout products for retouching make-up are perhaps the most numerous, but we will focus on the essentials that can be useful on multiple occasions. The lip balm is the first to take into consideration, perfect for moisturizing the lips and making them soft in any situation but, above all, indicated in winter in case of cracked or cracked lips. Then you can not miss some cotton swabs to touch up smudges in makeup and wet wipes for sensitive skin which, even if not specific for makeup, can be useful not only for cleaning hands but also for finishing some smudges. Don't use them to remove make-up though.

Another great must have is undoubtedly the powder. Go for the compact ones with a mirror and built-in duvet, in order to have everything you need in a single product. Choose impalpable textures for a soft focus effect, so as not to weigh down the face base. It will come in handy on days when you will be away from home a lot, to refresh the complexion, mattify the face and even out the skin texture. Excellent idea for those who tend to polish themselves easily, so as not to find themselves with the foundation separated in the oily areas.


The concealer is small and compact but is perfect not only for dark circles or imperfections. In fact, it can also be used as a face base and for retouching it is excellent, because it does not occupy the space of a foundation but can be used where this has been removed or has lost coverage. In combination with the powder it allows you to refresh the face base at any time.

These products are the real make-up essentials you should never forget, but if you want to add others that might prove useful, one of them is mascara. Choose one with a soft, elastic and layable formula, which will allow you to reapply the mascara during the day, even if you have already applied it. It is also a cosmetic that will make you feel made up and therefore, in the event of a sudden appointment, just apply a little powder, concealer and mascara for a well-groomed and very natural look. If, on the other hand, you usually use false eyelashes, don't forget a pair of tweezers (also useful for quick eyebrow touch-ups) and the glue for false eyelashes, essential if they start to come off at the corners.


To warm the complexion, a bronzer is ideal but, for true makeup addicts, it is better to opt for a duo with warm and cold or neutral earth. In this way you can use the warm earth for a tanned effect or as a blush and the cold earth to sculpt the face and create a light contouring. Obviously, don't forget a travel brush used for applying these products, otherwise it will be useless to have brought them with you.

For the lips, on the other hand, in addition to cocoa butter, a multi-purpose product suitable in every situation is nude lipstick. Leave it in the beauty bag and it will be perfect at any time: if you are not wearing make-up you can dab it on your lips for a natural effect, if you already have a lipstick, perhaps dark and that has been removed, you can reapply it to make the mouth color more homogeneous. You can also use it as a blush, dabbing it on the cheeks and blending it, for a healthy cheek effect without the need to bring a specific product. Also for the lips, then, if you have applied a lipstick before leaving the house, remember to put it in the beauty, so as to have it at hand for any retouching.


Hair products

Not just makeup products, but hair products too. In fact, there are essential accessories that are always comfortable and that it would be a good habit to include in the beauty bag. Elastics to tie your hair and pins or clips are always to carry with you. Useful on any occasion, who hasn't happened to look for a rubber band and not have it with them? Even if you think you do not need them, leave them in the beauty, surely sooner or later you will use them.

A good idea is also to bring with you a mini size of hair gel (or hairspray, but it is more cumbersome), ideal for example if you often wear your hair up. By doing this you can keep at bay or discipline the unruly hair that sprouts from the neat crops or fix some locks that don't want to stay in place. It is also known that those with long hair plan outings based on hair washing, but many times sudden invitations occur that catch us unprepared. Having a gel with you quickly allows you to collect your hair in a bun or tail that is well pulled and fixed with the gel, in order to pass hair that is not exactly clean for a desired hairstyle. For short cuts, then, it is perfect for recreating a wet effect with hair pulled back, again to mask the inability to wash it.


The last accessory a bit more bulky but life-saving for many is the mini portable plate. With its very small size, it is perfect for those who always want to style and tidy hair. Useful to fix bangs and tufts or to eliminate frizz or take back some strands that have decided to straighten or, on the contrary, to move back.

The products for the manicure

Always keep some product for your hands in your handbag, often forgotten but a real business card. The cream is essential to keep them soft and hydrated throughout the year, especially in winter. Never forget, then, a small size nail file, perfect to fix them in case of different lengths but especially in case a nail breaks, to avoid sticking or, worse, pulling threads and ruining clothes and socks .


Even a small transparent nail polish is a beauty classic because it is useful for making nails shiny and tidy quickly. It is also a perfect trick in case of torn socks, to prevent them from breaking further. Just apply a drop of clear nail polish at the break point to ensure that they do not fray further. If, on the other hand, you have already applied a colored nail polish, remember to take it with you so if it gets chipped you can easily touch it up and always have your hands in order.

Last, but not least, the sanitizing gel, even if it is practically possible to forget it, especially in this period!

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