How to organize towels in the bathroom: ideas to draw inspiration from

How to organize towels in the bathroom: ideas to draw inspiration from

Discover some creative ideas to better organize towels in the bathroom. The choices that will help you to always have them in perfect order.

Keeping your towels tidy isn’t always easy. Their spongy texture makes them decidedly bulky and able to take up much more space than you are willing to give them.

towels in order

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In order to tidy up the bathroom and always have them at hand without having to sacrifice space, it is therefore very important to learn how to develop some simple strategies that can make a difference. So here are some ideas that could come in handy and make your life easier from this point of view as well.

Towels in the bathroom always tidy? Here’s how to do it

If you often find yourself with furniture that opens to reveal the chaos among the towels, know that you are not alone.

towels in order

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Fortunately, however, this is a problem to which it is rather easy to find a solution. It’s all about changing the way you usually organize them. Doing so will allow you to make the most of perfectly tidy towels that are always close at hand.

Create special shelves

One of the simplest and most space-saving methods is to place several shelves on a free wall and place towels on top of them. In this way, stacked on top of each other they will always be in sight and easier than ever to pick up and put to use. And, of course, for storage after washing.

Using baskets is a good way to keep your towels tidy

If you prefer the privacy of a piece of furniture, you can insert baskets inside and stack the towels rolled up lengthwise. This way you can retrieve them from above and recognize them by color. A nice way to make room and always have everything in perfect order.

Hang them on a hook

Also using a basket with handles, you can hang your towels after placing them in a basket. This way they will be easy to fix and recover and, in addition to helping you keep order, will allow you to enjoy their view. Makeup to be reserved obviously for the most beautiful ones.

These three are obviously just examples to which you can add whatever your imagination suggests. What matters is to rely on your instincts and choose ideas that you like and give you a greater sense of home. So having your towels around will always be enjoyable. A bit like what happened after learning the tricks to keep magazines in order and find the right balance between the desire to read anytime, anywhere and keep the house in order.

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