How to prevent and avoid unwanted reflections on dyed hair

How to prevent and avoid unwanted reflections on dyed hair

It is important to eliminate unwanted reflections from the hair, but it is above all essential to prevent them to prevent them from appearing. that's how

To avoid annoying reflections from the hair, you can follow some precautions, starting from washing up to styling. The hair will appear not only more shiny but without yellow, red or even green reflections. Whether it's dyed or natural hair, following these tips on products, styling, water and sun exposure will help you have healthy and shiny hair.

Prevention is better than cure so pay attention to heat, sun and limestone. It is also their fault if blonde or dyed hair oxidizes and loses shine, taking on strange reflections so it is important to understand how to avoid them as much as possible.

Watch out for the sun to avoid the dreaded yellow, orange and green highlights on blonde hair

The fact that the sun lightens the hair and makes it brighter and clearer is a false myth, or rather it is if we consider dyed hair on which it does not have a beneficial effect. In fact it is true that the sun lightens light hair but only if natural while lightening dyed blonde hair inevitably changes the reflections, turning to straw yellow or copper. Even in the case of chemically dyed hair, the color may vary, for example dark or brown dyed hair will be filled with reddish reflections and will tend to fade and lighten.

It is therefore important to use products that protect against UVA and UVB rays, especially in summer when you are exposed to the sun directly, but it would be more correct to use a hair sunscreen every day, even in the city, just like you do with your skin. of the face. Now more and more companies produce sunscreens for hair with different formulations, from liquid ones to spray on the hair and perfect for those who do not want to weigh them down to more moisturizing fluids or real nourishing creams for drier and dehydrated hair.

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Another tip is not to use hot tools during the first week after dyeing, to allow it to adhere well to the hair and make sure that it rebalances, together with the scalp, stressed by coloring. To make them more shiny after drying them with the hair dryer, then, you can use the jet of cold water to close the scales, so that the light is more reflected, highlighting the reflections.

Water also plays a fundamental role in preventing and avoiding unwanted reflections in the hair

Another important aspect to take into account is that the water could help bring out early yellowish reflections or change the color of the tint due to limestone. This is because it creates a patina that removes brightness and turns off the hair color and which, in the long run, could cause a more yellow or greenish shade to appear.

A tip that is rarely talked about is to insert a limescale filter in the shower, to limit the damage of the minerals contained in the water. The filter purifies the water by reducing the amount of limescale that will deposit on the hair and thus preventing or reducing the appearance of the dreaded unwanted reflections on blonde hair and beyond.

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Yes to specific products for dyed hair to preserve the brilliance of the color

The use of specific products is fundamental for the health of colored hair, not only to correct the color of unwanted reflections, but precisely to prevent them. In addition to anti-yellow or red shampoos and masks to be used as needed, products that do not contain dyes other than the tone of the hair can be used. Or, they are products that rebalance the porosity of the hair, compromised by the colors, closing the scales so that the color does not oxidize sooner than expected.

Shampoo, which not only cleanses the hair but is also the first product in contact with the hair, should not be underestimated. Also pay attention to masks that may contain unwanted pigments that, in the long run, could remain attached to the hair, precisely because bleached or dyed ones are more porous. The specific products for dyed hair are also designed to make the color last longer and keep it always shiny and bright and even if they all look the same to us, it is they who prevent the appearance of straw or copper reflections.

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